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  1. Would anyone know possibly what bikes had compatible seats? UPDATE: she's running! After 30 years in storage we got her to run
  2. blackhat250- I tied to make an account to post on that forum but it would not let me? Maybe I will try again off my phone. sacha- I actually just ripped off the cover and foam from my seat (wow that was a mess!) it just crumbles and powdered off. I was thinking of just patching up and reprinting the seat pan too. Maybe clean off some rust and bondo/ Fiberglass the rust holes. I would need a foam seat tho. I was thinking I could cut it myself but that's a little intimidating. I have seen some seat covers on eBay for about $40 shipped. I just need to figure out my air filter situation! Thanks for for the help!
  3. Thankyou! It's nice to know there's resources and people willing to help! Makes things less intimidating.
  4. Hello! I've recently purchased my very own bike - it is a 1971 Yamaha HT-1B. It's a little 90cc. Growing up my dad and uncles were really into bikes. I was born in the Philippines and my grandpa and uncle had a motorcycle and side car business (used as taxis to pick people up and give them rides jnto town). My dad was into Hondas (he had a 1990s xl, not sure of the engine size). Recently I've gotten the itch to get my bike because my boyfriend and his dad are very interested in them. My boyfriend has about 5 he's purchased in th last few years and his dad has about 35+ he's collected over the years. They like to rebuild vintage bikes, mostly Hondas. This summer my boyfriend purchased a 175 ct1 from his dad's friend in a package deal with a 750 Honda (he's building a replica dick Mann Daytona race bike). I fell i love with this little enduro! He got it for dirt cheap ($100 with a title). I kept asking and asking his if I could buy it from his but he had a soft spot for it too. I just loved the look of these Yamaha enduros. We went to local vintage motorcycle festivals in the milwaukee area, as well as vintage days in midnohio. I was getting ancy and wanted my own little baby I could re build. As a 21 year old girl, I should be worried about shopping and what not but I'd rather spend my extra money on bike parts. I learned to ride and get comfortable on the ct1, but I'm not that big and not was even heavy for me. I'm not looking for speed, I just like 2 strokes sound and smell and everything about them. I got the perfect opportunity to get my ow Yamaha endure after checking craigslist every morning. I saw an ad for a 90cv ht1 with title and a 175MX for $500. I put it off all summer because they looked like junk in the picture and i assumed they were for how cheap the price was. Recently I looked back at the ad and looked closer. The bikes were pretty complete. My boyfriend and I decided to make the 2 hour drive and pick up the bikes, paying $225 each for our new bikes. Now I have my own little enduro but it doesn't run. Good compression but a handful of missing parts. Now I'm just working on cleaning it up (30 years of oil and mud gummed up but it was kept inside the whole time so it's in pretty good shape. That's a little about me! I really hope I can get some help on my little project. I want to do this all on my worn with little help so I can learn on the way! Thankyou! p.s I'm in search for a seat and seat pan because mine is unusable and compleatly rotting out. Help? Also I need 2 badges! Those are necessary. Karina
  5. Thankyou for the input! I'm still trying to figure out how the site works- a little confusing on the mobile version. I'll definitely look into it. I've looked everywhere for air filters and no one seems to have it. I was just wondering if there are any other filters from biked that fit right in there? Also are rear passenger foot pegs the same as the drivers foot rest? I'm just itching to ride it and I'm looking for a temporary fix!
  6. I recently purchased a 1971 90cc HT1-b enduro. It's pretty complete exept for several little parts such as the ignition, tail light, clutch foot rest. Parts are available but not so abundant. I do need a new seat and seat pan- it's all rotted out. Any advice as to where this would be available? I have not seen any on eBay. Would there be any other models that would fit this bike? Are there any parts from other models that would fit this bike? I'm a beginner and just trying to learn- (pretty unusual for a girl in her 20s, but I'm interested.) Also I'm having trouble finding an air filter. I read on another post that orange sponge works? If so, how? I'm also looking for parts!
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