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  1. Just a quick update this is how she stands as of today nearly ready for blasting.
  2. Hello everyone I have inherited a lovely old DT1/2? to restore. Its currently stripped down and i'm removing the paint form the frame ready to be redone. Everything is going to to stripped and cleaned and restored where needed. Currently I am trying to identify what i have actually got. I have found the frame number which is only 9 characters long starting with DT1F-2**** from looking at a few websites its indicating that it is a DT1E. Heres some pictures anyway to tide you over to the next installment!
  3. Blackhat love the picture thats what im aiming for. Will start a project thread shortly
  4. Shes in a bit of a sorry state but is coming apart well only worked on it for an hour tonight and ready for engine out. Aiming to get all original lights clocks etc to restore her to former glory. Got a spare engine with her as well which is a bit of a bonus. Its actually 1972 not 68 my Grandad got confused but hes old, so easily forgiven still ace for what it is though.
  5. Will sort it tomorrow and edit my post its being delivered tomorrow to the garage i work at so you will get some raw 25 years laid up pictures before i make a start
  6. Hello, My names Richie saying Hi from Blackpool! Inherited a 1968 Yamaha DT-1 250. She needs a lot of loving but i'm aiming to do a complete restoration. My grandad has owned her from new but unfortunately she was laid up to rest after some issues. She was ridden back from Saudi in the late 80's and hasn't been used since (Although she isn't seized ). My dad has been riding for years and throughout my childhood I attended many rallies and events i just dont ride myself, hopefully after the DT1 is restored that will be the next step. Well hope to meet and chat with most of you guys as i'm pretty sure if i get stuck one of you will be able to help. Cheers, Rich
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