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  1. Does anyone own one of these? <img src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/513iQddkONL._SY300_.jpg"/>
  2. I have recently got my bike licence and got a 600 Thundercat after not riding since my late teens on a 100cc Currently notepad in one hand, Haynes in the other trying to get it how I want it and the weather is against me but Loving it so far!
  3. I am trying to correct a few issues with the Thundercat I recently purchased. It has an aftermarket Koso Tacho on and I am wanting to add a water temp gauge, the wire comes out the thermo unit and is just unplugged. I have read that Koso units require their own valve and sensor connected to the hose..... Is this only for bikes/cars with out sensors? Could I connect it to my existing thermistor or would it read different resistance? Is there any units that I could just plug into my existing thermistor if Koso isnt compatible? Many Thanks
  4. I have just spend 6 hours trying to solve a problem with my side lights and was hoping someone could help me with my next step. I had no side lights rear or front but headlight was fine. I figured out that I only have 0.5v going to them, I joined a new wire directly from the battery live to the rear side light wire under the seat and both came on. I am wondering if the switch is likely to be at fault or shall i run the new wire ive put in to the side light wire just as it comes out the switch instead of the battery? Thanks
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