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  1. Its off finally. I bought a puller from Cardiff Motorcycles Ltd Part No. CYCO1008 cost £22.95 inc postage. I had to use 70mm bolts rather than the 40mm supplied as the puller does not fit inside the flywheel/stator on this model . A few whacks with a rubber mallet and some straining on the centre bolt and it literally fell off.
  2. I havs a failed starter clutch (all three bolts sheared) and have so far got down to removing the stator. Have tried conventional puller, slide hammer, penetrating oil, heat, but not the tiniest movement. Anybody know where I can beg, borrow or loan the correct Yamaha tool which is listed as YM 0180 as perhaps that will move it. Why when it is summer and the weather is nice the bike won't go ??? Got to A21 last week and had to be recovered.
  3. As promised an update on the lights and photographs. They were as I suspected fiddly to fit and included lengthening bolts, changing connectors, new hole boring and a lot of on/off before I was pleased with the results.
  4. Thanks Airhead for your ebay suggestion. I had tried but found nothing suitable. So I retried and after viewing over 1000 entries and before the eyes went square I found one which will do the job. There is need for some modifications (as there always is ) but when they are done I will post another photo to show the difference.
  5. Name: Yamah Virago XV5535 (1994) Date Added: 22 February 2015 - 02:00 PM Owner: Blue Three Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  6. Thanks that would clean up the chrome but the rubber surrounds need replacing. Any ideas ?
  7. PS when I looked at the photos here they look better than in real life. Still would like to replace them.
  8. Two photos of the rear lights showing the curve of the mudguard.
  9. Name: Yamaha Virago XV535 (Trike) (1994) Date Added: 23 February 2015 - 04:48 PM Owner: Blue Three Short Description: A conversion to Trike with Reliant rear axle and Silverstone FTZ Sport 195/50R15 rear wheels. View Vehicle
  10. Yes that looks perhaps better than mine but I need two. There are plenty of other lights which I like on ebay but do not know if they will adapt to the curve of the mudguard. As suggested earlier I will put some pictures up to show the problem. Eventually found my photobucket account.
  11. Yes they are plastic but the rubber seals are also tatty. Not looking for exact Yamah replacement but something that looks good on the rear mudguards, works & is legal. Thanks for the info.
  12. Thanks . I have a photo bucket account somewhere so will try
  13. Hi all Thanks for the help so far. Sorry for the delay in replying but have been on holiday. I do have some pictures of the existing lights but could someone guide me on how to put them here. Thanks
  14. I joined as I have a Yamaha Virago Trike ( it is blue so hence Blue Three for my name) I have had a other bikes and joined forums such as this and found them helpful . Currently trying to tidy up the rear end lighting
  15. Anybody have ideas about how to "restore" or replace theses lights? They are currently of the original type and whilst the lenses, bulbs and fittings are fine the "plastic" chrome surround and rubber seals are a bit tatty.
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