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  1. I have had both of these bikes and can say with confidence that the Thundercat is way better than a Fazer. They both have the same faults ala poor gearbox and crap headlights. You can easily cover big miles in comfort and at high speeds on the T cat, all the bike mags have done reviews of the Thundercat over the last few years saying how competent and underated they are. The Faxer 600 is a good entry level budget bike but if you want to do it all then buy a YZF600R The engines look similar but they are different. Sorry if I have upset any Fazer 600 owners they are a good bike but IMO the Tcat is well better
  2. hello, I have just bought a genuine rear carrier for my Gen1 Fazer thou but it has come with no fitting instructions. I can't offer it up to the bike until next friday when it comes out of the garage where it is having some jobs done on it. The rack is straightforward enough, but there are 4 aluminium spacer thing, I guess these fit in the spaces left when the grab rails are removed. But in these spacers there is a 6mm threaded hole and i dont know what they are for. If anyone has a gen1 thou with a yamaha carrier on please can they let me know. I know I will be able to work it out fine when I get my bike back but like any kid with a new toy I want to know NOW! Thanks Dave
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