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  1. i know all the legal lanes around my area that head onto 'ox drove' and on to salisbury have maps as well, i will look into joining a group but was just more after some free rides
  2. http://<a href="http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/prote101/media/5d6d291c-7e11-41e4-89cc-ce0f82462c6a_zpscb6e90c0.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src=" " border="0" alt=" photo 5d6d291c-7e11-41e4-89cc-ce0f82462c6a_zpscb6e90c0.jpg"/></a>
  3. sory, the link isnt working from my photobucket
  4. this is the left side one mate, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-DT-125-Powervalve-Cover-Cap-/321541129540?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts_13&hash=item4add584544 the right side im not sure, i think mine is just blanking plate and one screw, you need an O-ring washer gasket in there, (the orange ones in this kit) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YAMAHA-DT125-R-TOP-GASKET-SET-1988-2006-/291065274679?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts_13&hash=item43c4d7a137 these are not my items for sale, nor do i endorse them, mearly a guide mine sprayed oil over barel before i did the washer, where do you have your powervalve set to?
  5. Looking for some riding buddys, currently have a DT125r 2002, ...shiney DEP exhaust... ...manual powervalve... i have been cross training by myself for a while now (woods, hills, slow stuff, full lock turns, ext) general greenlaning really, sometimes its not very fun on your own If you would fancy it, )Im no 'pro' mind), any age, any bikes, all welcome aslong as legal as we will hit roads all the time i expect let me know!! cheers
  6. sounds like batt, lights only running off alternator check the conections, the batt housing is right where your 2 part pipes meet, so gets gakky around there fast if no seal,
  7. Guys, how do i get photos up, none of my photo bucket codes work,,? cheers <a href="http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/prote101/media/IMG_3068_zpse29e29ac.jpg.html"target="_blank"><img src="http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l544/prote101/IMG_3068_zpse29e29ac.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_3068_zpse29e29ac.jpg"/></a> thats a pic on photobucket anyway
  8. if its been attempted to be derestricted they probbly used this method... http://www.scrimsmustangsclassicyamaharestorations.com/derestricting-the-yamaha-dt125r-1988-through-to-2007.html when it comes to checking wires out, try reverse engineering this method see if somthing was changed wrong it changes wires around arse about face ext, i beleive my bike to be done with these instructions aswell
  9. id say forks from about 2002 onwards would deffo be fine mate, use the right torque settings
  10. ohh wow, bet your 175 is as shiney as a trophy!! its a protector spine, (eBay) about £24, does look mean, i like it, thanks mate!! share some links of your 76 !!
  11. sory about the link my friend, i couldnt get the picture to load through HTML image in the editor, photobucket is tottaly virus free, its an image hosting site, its just a pic of my DT, its a Beaut!!
  12. how do i upload pics?

  13. Hi Guys ,, DT125 r Rider, new around the net, done a few rebuilds. and spent a fair few hours agonising over these brilliant little bikes. i have a nice one at the mo, what DT's you got??? http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l145/prote1011/IMG_3068_zpsbcd83057.jpg
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