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  1. very similar but mine was more custom.how do i add pics ?
  2. thank you for reply.i am well gutted only got it last year.havnt spent a lot on it really just some paint and time it needs a good refurb.i was looking forward to getting one last bike on the road before i snuff it but there you go.started out in 1974 with a honda sl124 best bike i had was a kawazaki kz1000csr american import .i miss the days of biking ah well .back to sleep lol
  3. sadly ill health is forcing me to have to sell my project bike.i wanted to restore it to its full glory but as said just cant manage it.ive striped the drive shaft of an resprayed it and few bit not a lot. just wondering what it might be worth i think its done about 40.000 miles bit grubby has sat in a garage for about 8 years ideas on price welcome .its green by the way
  4. it looks like the washer is welded to the frame.will have another look at it
  5. ive done all that.there is a type of washer on bolt head side that is bent over on two sides so wont be able to turn the bolt .it just wont move .
  6. im trying to get the shock of my xj900.ive undone the nut but the bolt wont move is it welded to the frame ? cant seem to get the bolt to move .
  7. its a 1997 .thanks for the link that's very useful
  8. the rear caliper had bad white rust on.so ive cleane them up.just need to respray them and new seals and pistons and their done .so i need the middle seals
  9. im going to replace the seals on my caliper.been looking around,ive only seen the piston seals and piston.where can i get the calliper middle seals
  10. ordered on the 17th got them today very fast delivery.
  11. ive ordered some from here cheapest i could see
  12. thanks all.will have another look around .
  13. ive got a carb Vacuum Gauge Balancer 4 Cylinder Set Guage .i need to replace the tubing on them ive looked about.whats a good place to get it.
  14. i first started at about 16 when i was giving a Honda 50 .i used to rag around private roads.in 1974 i bought a sl125 trials bike,had that a few years and in 1981 i traded it in for a XS 250 Se Yamaha.after a few years i put a 400cc engine in.finally got rid of that.later i was bought a kz100 Kawasaki Se from America.what a beast.it caught light got money back on insurance .the sad thing is i spent the money on a Suzuki gs850 that had been badly chopped .i eventually sold that about 15 years ago .Ive just been given a xj900s divie 97 reg.im in the process of doing it up .
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