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  1. Hi guys, Anyone have an idea of a rear hugger that could fit my FZR750? I can drill new holes and make treads myself, but need to know what to look for sizewise. Thanks for answers. //Stig
  2. Name: Yamaha FZR750 (1989) Date Added: 23 April 2014 - 12:24 AM Owner: Stikkan07 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  3. Hi again guys, Thank you very much for all welcomes and your concerns. It is really true that this is my first bike ever. I'm actually having lessons to get my licens these days..... But to calm you a little, I can tell you that I've been riding quite much for more than 20 years already, so I have a lot of training. Actually the first big motorcycle I rode was a FZR750 when I was 15 years old Hope to get a lot of knowledge and friends here at the YOC....
  4. Hi guys, Just bought my first motorcycle ever, and it is a modified FZR750 '89 model... See my profile pic... I'm planning on doing quite a few improvements to it during the Norwegian winter which are approx October to March. This summer I'm just going to enjoy having a bike Have a nice day everyone //Stig
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