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  1. Just taken a proper look at it, its just a massive puncture, must have happened when I rode through the last ford, still looking for what caused it, I'm presuming it was a nail or something similar.
  2. It was still on the rim, but completely flat and lopsided, dont really know what it was down to as I haven't had a proper look at it, thankfully the rear tyre was getting down towards being useless anyway, so I have ordered a new set of front and rear. To be honest, I think I overdid it a bit yesterday, I wouldn't have usually ridden the little DT so hard, but having just returned from not riding for a week, and with all of the water and mud I was having a hell of a lot of fun haha. Pushing the bike 3 miles home wasn't much fun.
  3. Thanks for the reply Airhead, I'll see what can be done about the calipers, I thought paint stripper would be the answer, maybe i'll put tape over all the sensitive bits and paint it on. I've found some grip tape that i'm going to put over the engine casing, but for now ill leave it be with some tape. Had a really dodgy moment earlier, I'd been riding hard off road, and enjoying the flooded trails and roads around my area getting the rear tire spinning etc. I came out of a ford and rode up a country lane, but suddenly lost all rear traction and the back end tried to overtake my front wheel! I'm used to it off road but it was a bit of a shock,luckily i had d enough time to react and pulled over, to see that my rear tire had completely dislodged from the rim - time to order those twinduro's i think haha. I think i must have done something to it riding through a ford earlier on. cheers
  4. Bump Would appreciate some advice, even if it's just telling me that I'm an idiot /Rumpii
  5. Hi guys, Have another couple questions Just wondering if there is anything i can do to fix up my scuffed up engine casing? the paint is being scuffed off by my big mx boots, and I'd like to know if theres any way to fix this? I had my brake calipers painted black (over a red job) and the paint is now flaking off. - will the hammerite paint be a good one to paint over the calipers with? will it not flake? better yet, can you advise meif theres any way to remove the paint completely? without putting my brakes in danger? Pics and stuff will be coming soon, back to the UK tomorrow. /Rumpii
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys! DT, Yes, I lived in sweden for 12 years and laws/rules on where you can ride offroad are pretty relaxed, I never did anything serious, just rode 80cc strokers to 400cc thumpers in the woods in all seasons, absolutely love offroad riding, never really done much competitive stuff, just long hard rides with good friends! Since I've come back to the UK, I want to grab my license so I'm taking my restricted license (48bhp) in the coming summer months, I'm probably going to do a very big overhaul on the bike when I pass, bringing the aesthetics up to more "modern" standards, considering a 170cc kit as well once Ive passed! I have a definitive list that I am updating - with more parts comes more cost of course, but when I think I'm ready to plunge in I will start a thread and post the mods to see what you guys think! Cheers, /Rumpii
  7. Hey guys, just back from work! Thanks for all of the help, I'm fairly sure the wire is earthed as the bike revs to infinity and beyond! I just think it needs a nice upjet to fit with the full DEP system installed. The guy who had the bike before seems to have been a bit of a *insert sweary word here* it seems, silly things like taping broken plastics back to the frame (ordered new ones now), painting brake calipers red (some people might like this but not me!), and leaving the rear brake broken and without fluid for me to be nicely surprised with, costing a good 200 quid to repair . now that I've fixed up those things, I'm considering a complete new wiring loom (some wires have been cut and then taped back together) and I would generally like to get the bike looking impressive once again! - hence the swingarm paint question (considering getting a used one on ebay and painting as well) Unfortunately as of tomorrow I am in Italy for a week so will be unable to work on the bike, but will continue checking this thread and asking questions/replying to people. When I get back to England land I'm sure I will have questions as I get to the fun bit and take the bike apart and start fiddling with things. Cheers, and happy easter (almost) P.S. Airhead thanks for the Tire sizes! the tires on ATM are very cheap chinese crap and I cannot read the sizes as the tire is so worn/crap quality/dirty! Noise, thanks for the very complete and helpful reply as well mate! /Rumpii
  8. Absolutely in love with my dt no matter how beaten up it is from previous owners in the past, will have to get some pics up when ive got the time. I originally wanted a pre 2003 model, but ended up going for what was there at the time, a 2005 RE
  9. Hello everyone, Just getting into road motorcycling and got myself a dt 125 have a few questions to ask in the dual sport forum. Loads of useful information on here! /Rumpii
  10. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, but not completely new to motorcycling, however I have some questions to ask. I have a 2005 yamaha DT 125 RE, in relatively good condition, however there are a few things that I would like to fix: 1. I have a full DEP system, and I want to find out what main jet I am running on my carb, can i just open it up and look and put it back together without having to buy new gaskets etc? the reason for this is - if it is a 210, I would like to up-jet to 240 to see a top speed around that magic 80 number rather than the current 72, and I'm generally worried it might be running lean after reading many horror stories about after market pipes with a 210 main jet. 2. The previous owner(s) seems to have been a bit careless with the bike and there is a dent in my swingarm, left side, it looks like the sidestand has smashed into it at some point denting it (not too deep though) and my swingarm is starting to peel/rust, I was just wondering if its possible to get my hands on some swingarm paint from somewhere as i cant find any online? The bike looks great, but the swingarm really lets it down! 3. I've been looking for some continental twinduro tires, but I have no idea what the correct sizes for both front and rear are, so I'm a little stuck and could use some help! 4. One of the previous owners seems to have broken the clutch switch, so the cable is just hanging down, and the bike will not start when in gear with clutch pulled in, I cant find the clutch switch anywhere online, so any help with finding the end of this cable/part that fits into the control assy would be greatly appreciated. The main thing I would like to know is whether or not the carb can be taken apart and just shoved straight back in after putting it together so I can check my jet sizes tomorrow Generally, some help with upjetting would be nice, and the paint to clean up the swingarm! I can upload pics tomorrow if you guys need to see what i mean with some of the stuff (clutch switch) Thanks in advance! /Rumpii
  11. Name: Yamaha DT125RE (2005) Date Added: 17 April 2014 - 12:29 AM Owner: Rumpii Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
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