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  1. Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=251537764587&alt=web
  2. Hi has anyone on hear fitted a r6 subframe to a fzr
  3. Thanks for advice guy the problem is solved now it was a chafed horn wire that was touching the chassis taped it up and everything works again
  4. That's what a thaught might take other 2 earths of see if that cures a problem
  5. I will remove tank tomorrow and check wires should there be 3 wires running of the negative terminal of bat and only one from positive as I have never come across this with any ov my other bikes
  6. Thanks for advice guys I put a new fuse in and it just melted it befor I even started the bike
  7. Everything works when bikes not running but as soon as u start bike it blows
  8. Hi I have just bought a fzr 400 when I got it everything worked the next day the inca actors rev counter and the temp gauge , oil and neutral light have gone of the fuses just keep blowing and melting has anyone got a idea what might solve this also the battery is earthed to the chassis twice with I find dodgy but am stuck on this any help or info will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  9. Anyone no anywhere that will do fairing repairs in Newcastle upon Tyne
  10. Hi if u pm me your email address I will email u manual these bikes are a nightmare for parts as I am restoring on at the min might have parts your after
  11. Adamjay90


    Hi I am just wondering if any one would no how much a 4dl tzr Belgrada would go for as a sale or via breaking
  12. Hello I'm Adam from Newcastle I have just got a 4dl Belgrada as a project the bike was in bits when I got it so any info or help would be much appreciated
  13. Dose any one have a wiring diagram or a link to one thanks in advance guys
  14. Thanks for the advice guys a will keep puting pics of progress up
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