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    sex and drugs and 'rock n roll', but without the drugs - just alcohol, and sex only when the missus (or my bacK) lets me, but 'rock n roll' - yeh!

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  1. cheers guys, it's not that I'm not unaccustomed to rot just that this is the first brand new bike I've owned so I 'know where it's been' and whilst I expected the alloy stuff to go off a bit, wasn't expecting it with an exhaust after less than 8 months especially as when it goes out it's for a minimum 30mile run and even though it's been getting wet, gritters haven't even been out that much yet. Perhaps it's because this is the first bike I've had that's got a stock exhaust on it - maybe that's the answer - any one got a loud stainless pipe they don't want????
  2. Hi all, How soon should you expect an exhaust to last before it starts rusting. I purchased my Fazer 8 new June last year and whilst have ridden it in various conditions (weather wise that is!), the stock exhaust has started to rust where the mounting bracket is welded. I realise I made the mistake of not weather protecting the bike for winter riding and some of the connections etc have started to corrode, but what's the score on acceptable corrosion/rusting on a virtually new bike that hasn't even reached its firt service yet? It's been washed down regularly and garaged. cheers David
  3. still haven't figured this posting thing out yet, put some up on the FOC U website from hard drive no problem, think my photo bucket must have a hole in it?
  4. erm........ok........
  5. got the rack and box fitted but struggling to get pictures up, can't work it out????
  6. cheers guys, have the Give rack on order and pick up next week, not too happy about it but needs must, will try to post pic up when done.
  7. Hi Matthew, Thanks for that, it looks quite nice and tight on the FZ6, not sure how it'll sit on the FZ8 which seem to have a more pointed rear, it kinda suits the 6 having a bulked out rear with the exhaust, was thinking the Givi as you can get the detachable side pannier kit when not using (I only have the one bike so won't be switching between with soft kit) I keep looking to find an 8 in the flesh but not having much luck, none of the photos I've found online really show how it looks. cheers
  8. Hi all, unfortunately I'm looking to put a topbox on my new Fazer and, apart from wondering if I'll be able to get my little legs over when I already keep kicking the pillion handles, I'm unsure which is the best option. I'm looking to potentially being able to add panniers for some touring activity so was edging towards Givi but their top box seems to sit soooooo high. Has anybody fitted any tob boxes/panniers to their Fazers or FZ8. Cheers guys David
  9. Well picked the new bike up, god awful weather had me puckering all the way home (thanks to my mate Taggart who followed me all the way home - just in case!) Weather dried up a bit so managed to get 70 miles in before it went in the garage and have scrubbed down to an inch (ish) either side, got a 200 mile round trip planned tomorrow with my mate Steve, meeting up at Squires at 9:30 for a day of it (following the obligatory bacon and black pudding buttie) here's hoping the forecasters have got it right.
  10. Having fitted some Dr Bike heated grips to my last bike (a definite plus in our British climes for year round riding - especially at my age!) I'm wanting to get some heated grips fitted to my bike before I pick it up next week and haven't been able to find any reviews on the Yamaha ones as they just seem to be a bit 'neater' than the Dr Bike ones (if not x3 more expensive!) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated cheers David
  11. Hi all, just taking the opportunity to put myself out there. Pick up my new Fazer 8A next week and really hoping that we get a break in the weather pretty soon so I can get used to it, I live in hope as always. cheers David
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