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  1. Thanks, I've got an app and DVD etc. fingers crossed. Yes was a long ride compared to my normal 14 mile ride to work
  2. Thanks thought it might be a good idea to say where i am at
  3. Hi All Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I have a gopro hero2 and wanted to give it some use on the bike, i have seen there are sucker pads, are these any good? i dont want to use a chest strap in case i am seen doing 51 in a 50 or has anyone else come up with any ingenious ways of attaching it to interesting places on your bikes Thanks Andy
  4. Hi All i am andy and new to the site, i have just bought a new bike and decided i am going to get my full bike license after having to renew my cbt for the 3rd time. I have my theory booked for the 26th so finger crossed. I have just bought a 2013 R125 and am currently runing her in. I went for my first big ride out yesterday 180 odd miles, from southend in essex via chelmsford, Dunmow then onto a fry up in Haverhill, Was a nice to ride out amungst the bigger bikes and i really enjoyed myself, i did ache a lot when i got home tho Just wanted to say hello to everyone and look forward to some banter and chat and maybe if anyone if near southend maybe a ride out. Andy
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