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  1. Well done, take it easy and enjoy your new bike.
  2. I am interested in maybe fitting a screen once i get the YBR. How do you find your screen Steve? Although i notice that you have not logged on for quite some time. Any other ybr riders have any opinions on them? Is the puig a better option than the stock Yamaha, (cost certainly is) Plenty of styles to choose from http://www.bs-motoparts.com/Suche/2/.htm?VL=&SC=&CT=674&FIT=0&IPP=15&ORD=UnitPrice%20ASC Does fitting a screen have any effect on mpg? Thanks :-)
  3. Thanks for the welcome Airhead, i see what you did there Hawkwind was my first gig as well wayyyyyy back in `79 on thier 10th anniversary tour, i only have blurry memories of it though
  4. Hi there, recently joined. I currently have a 50cc scooter but i am doing my CBT at the weekend and afterwards i will be looking at getting myself a YBR 125cc. 50 years old now and just a little annoyed with myself now for not passing my bike test all of those years ago, but then again up to 250cc was ok for me way back then.
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