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  1. Uncle Buck


  2. Uncle Buck

    Photo uploading

    Ha ha thanks!!
  3. Uncle Buck

    Photo uploading

    Right, Photobucket all sorted just need permission to post pics
  4. Uncle Buck

    Photo uploading

    Thanks guys, I'll check it out
  5. Uncle Buck

    Photo uploading

    Good evening, I bet I'm not the first to ask but how do I upload photos? I paid to become a member a couple of days ago. Any input would be great. Steve
  6. Uncle Buck


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  7. Uncle Buck

    XT 350 engine rebuild

    Thanks for your input TTB, much appreciated.
  8. Uncle Buck

    XT 350 engine rebuild

    That'll be cool. I want to collect all the parts ahead of passing it over to be rebuilt.
  9. Uncle Buck


    Once I've learnt how to upload pics I will. Luckily enough mine has a stainless exhaust front to back!
  10. Uncle Buck


    Thanks for the pointer, I'm downloading it now!!
  11. Uncle Buck


    Owner of an '86 XT350, only completed my direct access this year at the ripe old age of 46! A few mates and myself are out at least once a week riding the country lanes and by-ways of North Kent.
  12. Uncle Buck

    XT 350 engine rebuild

    Looking to pull out the engine on my 1986 XT 350 early next year and renew the piston, rings etc. I've ordered full gasket set and valve stem oil seals. What other parts do I need or are worth changing while the engine is out of the bike? Any advise would be gratefully received. Thanks Steve
  13. Uncle Buck

    Vehicle: Yamaha XT350 (1986)

    Name: Yamaha XT350 (1986) Date Added: 01 April 2013 - 11:48 PM Owner: Uncle Buck Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle