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  1. Hey all, just to let you know me draggies all fixed and running fine. Turned out to be the valve clearence adjuster bolt had come out so wasnt firing on the rear cylinder, I managed to do it myself with the help of a mate and all it cost me was £3.99 for a set of feeler guages and a pint or 2 for me mate. So now I am a happy bunny
  2. Thanks for that but what are "clutch basket thingies" ??
  3. Do you know if the head can be removed without taking the engine out ?
  4. Yeah that sounds like a good idea might be usefull to others. Ive never done a project like this so it will def be a challenge !!
  5. the exhaust is not blowing anywhere and all feels secure the noise def sounds like its coming from the rear cylinder. I spoke to a mechanic earlier and he was talking £100s of pounds to strip down and find the problem so i'm thinking maybe I will have a go myself,I've got a full workshop manual, and even if I only manage to get the engine out its gotta save me a few quid.
  6. Would the exhaust coming loose make all the power go ?
  7. Hi Noise I think the ticking is coming from the rear cylinder ? it was running lovely till I changed down then it relly over reved and then lost most of power. its just passed the MOT ive replaced brakes, oil, filter, starter motor and clutch cable I really do look after it its done 27k and Ive had it about a year.
  8. Hi sorry everyone for my rudeness my name is Dave i am 44 and I live in Kent I ride an XVS 125 Dragstar which I love but I spend too much time working instead of riding. Ive done lots of bits and pieces on the bike recently and it was running fine till I broke it this morning see earlier post. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Sorry what where do i find the Noob section ?
  10. Hi can anyone please give me some advise, on the way to work today I thought I was in 5th gear and dropped to 4th to get up a hill but I was allready in 4th and so had just dropped in to 3rd and it didnt like it. Now I have no power, the engine is running but wont do more than about 30mph and there is a kind of clicking or ticking coming from the engine which gets faster when I rev, PLEASE HELP !!!
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