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  1. So I tried adjusting the clutch cable to no avail. But when I removed the plates again, I found that one of the plates is broken one one side. Could that be causing the lurch then stall problem? Also are the rubber rings between supposed to be twisted?
  2. I took the clutch plates out and they are not rusted together. There is oil between each of them. The oil seem to make them stick but they aren't rusty. Could the clutch not be releasing the plates? Is there any adjustments? Thanks
  3. Sorry bout that bit of a noob I am clutch pulled in should the plate seperate more with clutch pulled in?
  4. Yeah it's not the original petcock, I done got me a petcock from the future. You should get you one.
  5. Well I have a pair I could throw on there. Do the frills help air flow better? The stock is a foam filter right? I will check on ebay. Thanks for the info
  6. So I have a 1981 DT175 and am having a bit of problems running was looking for some help. I was trying to ride it recently and it would start and get into 1st go a few feet and stall. I did some searching and have: adjusted the petcock for optimal fuel flow adjusted carb float for more gas checked pilot jet and airways put new clamps on carb and filter blocked small hole on case to oil injector I also have two rubber seals on each side of my carb not sure if they are supposed to be there Now it wont idle with choke off and stalls when shifted into gear. I am running pre
  7. Thank you. I will check them out. Thanks. I was planning on using a butt weld. I will try this method instead.
  8. Today I fixed the carb. The throttle was stuck open. In the process I realized the petcock wouldn't shutoff and was flooding the carb. I am now looking at fuel valves. Also has anyone install the external fuel gauge on their bikes? What does everyone use as a fuel gauge?
  9. Hi I wanted to share my work in progress DT175. I have done quite a bit myself and help of my dad. I picked it up for $150 in bad shape. So far I've chaged: New handlebars Removed fenders New tires Air filter Installed headlight and taillight Changed seat - I made the seat pan out of a street sign I found. I sewed the vinyl myself with carpet padding. It doesn't look bad from afar but not great close so I'll probably try again. Removed broken rpm gauge I took it to a shop to clean the carb and change oil ps - please avoid Big Daddy's Automotive in Fayetteville, Ga. Not sure if
  10. Hi, I'm Charlie. I currently have a 1981 Yamaha DT175. This is my second bike but my first dual sport. It is a rescue that I picked up during fall and am currently restoring and modifying I will have plenty of questions about parts and accessories everyone has. Please be patient with me. Thanks
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