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  1. hi thanks for the info. i decided to put the regulator on the air box and tie it to the yellow wire. seems to be work .so far it doesn't go over 6 volts. now i have to get another headlight, hope this solves the problem
  2. i have purchased a regulator for this bike. is there anybody that has hooked a regulator up on a bike that doesnt have one, . and this one didn't. i thought about hooking it to the yellow wire coming out of the magneto or hooking it up at the headlight.it has one one wire so will tying it to the yellow wire solve my problem of blowing the headlight .
  3. i couldn't figure out what you were saying lol. it seems to be in the throttle slide. i have it fixed now.thank y'all
  4. what is the tickover screw and where is it located?
  5. the throttle slide moves up and down when i twist the throttle
  6. i cleaned the carb again and it cranked wide open. i did this 2 or 3 times and i shut it off quickly. any suggestions on this problem
  7. i took the carburetor off and cleaned the pilot jet and put it back on and i still have the same problem
  8. my 1974 dt 360 changes engine speed when i take it off the kickstand. it almost dies and when put it back on the stand it starts idling right again.i also have to run the choke half way to get it to idle.
  9. i am going to put a regulator on my 360 and i was wondering if anybody has put one on their bike. some people put it inside the headlight bucket others on the airbox. what wire do i tie into .
  10. hi . thanks for all of your responses. now i have the problem of blowing the head light . is there a regulator on this bike,because it looked like a 150 watt house bulb until it blew. this could get expensive buying bulbs
  11. hi.does anybody know where to get a service manual for a 1974 yamaha dt 360.
  12. thank you for your responses. i'm gonna have to find somewhere to check the lighting coil. is there anywhere you can check the lighting coil without taking the cover off. i have checked the light plug at the headlight with the engine running and there's no power. any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. h aj. my switch has only 2 position's on and off. i checked the plug going into the lamp and there's no power to it but my tach and speedometer lights work
  14. hi. i have a 74 yamaha dt 360 and the headlight does not have any fire in the headlight plug. where do i go to next to check it.i have lights on the speedometer and the tachometer. any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. hi. i've got a 1974 yamaha dt 360. i'm 55 years old and i used to have a l2 100 and a 250 but its been about 40 years since i had a bike. i am having problems with the headlight. where would i find info on this. thanks david .
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