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  1. Kendo knows what's up .....Monster.gif

    That's the shizzle right there!! Don't drink to much you will be likely to pee a strange colour and run around In circles a lot!!'

    You can invest in a bottle of tyre gunk that sits in your inner tube waiting for puncture then cloggs it up good stuff


  2. Norton security is a resource hog and an interfering bastard of a security program I've built pc's and fixed them for years, I could make £30

    For fixing a pc because someone has installed norton and there pc runs like a bag of shit!!!!

    (Shops charge £60+)


  3. From cold (on a morning) 2 soft kicks with choke idle for less than 5 mins on choke

    Warm day 1 soft kick with a little choke, idle with choke for less than 2 mins

    I too can also start mine with my hand but I punched the footrest with no gloves on one day so I don't do that no more lol


  4. Standard airbox is fine, you change filters you will have to adjust carb to compensate for it-if your dt can't suck enough air through the box you will be able to tell besides its better to have an enclosed filter for them muddy occasions/deep puddles etc

    Personally I would buy the standard sprocket and chain kit that should help you no ends....


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  5. Sounds like it, bet there is a 17tooth on the front rather than 16t...

    I had a 17 on mine but I found the last 2 gears even more useless, coming to hills was a nightmare aswell didn't pull as good as the 16t sprocket-got 16t on mine now and I can pull 60mph+ uphill no problem.


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  6. If it's doing 70mph in 4th you should be happy mine tops out at 60mph in 4th and 75mph in 6th.. I find there isn't much in last 2 gears especially 6th I can only get away with 6th either on the flat or down hill....

    If you can get your dt past 60mph with ease then you are fully derestricted, while my Reed switch was in place I would loose a lot of power and struggled to get to 50 never mind touching 70mph



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