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  1. Thank you for the help folks it was indeed the cable i will replace it asap. Liam Wallace
  2. it is yes ok i will have a good look tomorrow once i finish work thank you for the advice.
  3. ah is that the cable that is attached to the front wheel? how will i know if it has broken sorry to be a bother.
  4. good evening everyone on the way to work today i noticed my speedometer had stopped working any advice on diagnosing the problem and how to fix it would be most appreciated thank you Liam Wallace.
  5. Thank you for the advice gentlemen ill do what you recomended and hope for the best. Liam
  6. Good evening everyone. Yes i am that big of an idiot i managed to get wd40 onto my front disk. Just wanted to clarify between two bits of advice i received from my bike riding friends on how to solve my obvious braking issues. 1 I will need to buy new pads and try not to be such a fool again. 2 clean disk off with a clean cloth then go out and brake until it burns off my pads. What one is correct? Thank you. Liam
  7. Ok ill grab a couple more good ones and check they work well an keep them to hand thanks again.for your help.
  8. Hi Cynic took your advice and swapped the plug and it started first time and runs beautifully thanks for the advice. Liam
  9. Thank you Cynic Ill grab a new plug tomorrow and try that. No it doesn't have a filter just a pipe and ok if the new plugs don't help ill strip down and clean it all out thank you both for the advice. Liam
  10. Hello everyone I'm Liam i have had my Yamaha DT 125 R T reg for around two weeks and until two days ago it was running smoothly with no issues then while going to work it suddenly coughed and the engine died. It will start up now and then but when i go to the higher (5-6 thousand) revs it cuts out again. its three quarters full of fresh fuel checked my spark plug and its clean. checked fuel line and seems to flow well Indicators etc work when ignition turned on Apologies in advance if this is badly explained i have very little mechanical experience. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for the info i'll do that. Have a pleasant evening.
  12. Ah thank you i apologies for barging on like a child demanding assistance thank you ill search through the forums to see if there are any that may help me resolve my problem. I'm Liam by the Way so hello all other bike lovers hope you're all well.
  13. Just got a Yamaha DT 125 R t reg two weeks ago and its giving me hassle already i think it may be a fuel issue or perhaps dirt in my carburetor but as a mechanical novice i have no idea what to do any ideas? Liam Wallace
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