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  1. it has a lver bit i look at the the little spring on the motor (dont no whats its called) it seem ok ill just take it into the shop
  2. iv only done what iv been told to try im putting it into the shop as im not very good with bike mechanically just no the basics
  3. its normally have good compression were i have to actually kick now i can just sit down and kick wich is wierd i normally start 3-4th kick but now it dosnt have any sign of starting. ive tried some start ya bastard did sound like it was about to but still didnt start
  4. it has i bit of compression i put it in gear and stalled it as the kill switch dont
  5. Hi i have had my bike for around 3wks iv been starting it fine after a few leg braking kick the compression was really hard to kick but i manage to start it road it every weekend since i bought it no problems i started it two days ago to warm it up to check the oil etc. I went to start it Saturday no compression iv changed the spark plug (has spark) new air filter what could be wrong? rings, jets etc
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