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  1. Ah i would love to do that as well just i haven't got the money either aha. And i brought that from Ebay, but yeah that would be a wicked idea to be honest! Wouldn't mind seeing that
  2. Haven't been able to yet due it not having any mot but it shall be on road by this weekend coming hopefully And thanks dude!
  3. This is my xs 250 1980 Custom been turned into a bobber/Chop
  4. Ah it's finally done! It was that some div who had the bike before us had put the carb float and washer back to front instead of the needle in first and then the washer, now she's running at last! Aha but thank you for narrowing it down to the carb mate! Thanks
  5. Ah right, could you give me a few pointers on how i may sort this out then please? If that's okay by the way...
  6. Yeah i am getting sparks from both plugs. Just it starts up good, but when you go to ride it, its flat until it kicks in which then seems it runs on two cylinders about half way down the road?
  7. Sorry, not pickup, points i mean. Not sure about it being stood. Apparently the geeza who i brought it off said he had ridden it before and saying he was going to mot it for the summer. Put new fuel in it. Battery isn't charged but jumped it off another battery to start it. Yes it has an inline fuel filter. Its had a new fuse box put in it and all new fuses are in it. I put in two new spark plugs about 3/4 days ago. The compression is quite soft to kick at times. And the timing is in too bud.
  8. Hi all, i'm having a bit of trouble with my Yamaha XS 250 Custom 1980. It keeps on firing on one cylinder and i do not know why? I have changed the one ignition coil, the condenser, the pickups and set them to a measurement of 0.35mm but i'm still having trouble with it. Can someone please help me as this is the only problem i'm having that's stopping me from getting it on the road. Many thanks; Kyle
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