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    Extreme sports, Motorbikes, Mountain biking, Parkour, GO-PRO cameras!

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  1. My display died today too... they're rubbish
  2. You can buy one from Halfords, it has the YBR, XT125X and R models in it. Had problems with my speedo recalibrating it a while ago, try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes and then reconnect it, set it to enduro by turning the key when the display says enduro. No back up battery for the display though. Matt
  3. Thanks, yeah I was looking a CBR's and things like that at first but because I have to ride to work everyday I would like something more comfy, but with the ability to have a bit of fun in the bends. I have read that the Thundercats are very comfy too and im a fan of the sports bike look. I'll see about test rides too!! Thanks Matt
  4. Im new to this site and looking for my first big bike (well, big-ish). I was initially looking at a 400 but they are quite rare now and quite old. But the cbr 400 sounds amazing. The bikes i have been looking at are the Yamaha FZR600, Suzuki Bandit 600, Yamaha Thundercat 600 and a few others, I'm not after a crazy sports bike, just something better to get me to work (20 miles away) and something to go for a play on at the weekends and the shows (builth wells etc). Any suggestions or advice on choosing a first bike will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Matt
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