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  1. Acky

    xs 850 Triple

    Many thanks,guys,for all the excellent advise. The Vetter site was a big help. Tomorrow (when the garage warms up a bit), I'll give it a try. Acky
  2. Acky

    xs 850 Triple

    Drewpy, Thanks for the response. I will be checking continuity but I need to know how to remove the sealed beam from a Vetter Fairing bike. As mentioned, there are no screws on the headlite shell. Took your advise and posted in the new member section. Acky
  3. I'm a new member here cause I'll need some advise as I'm working on a 1981 XS850 Vetter Fairing and bags bike for a friend. I live in Roseneath, Ontario, Canada and for the past 6 years have been retired from my career in the insurance, reinsurance field. I then took a position part time with a Harley-Davidson dealer in their Parts Dept. Haved owned a Harley since 1967 and enjoy working on H-Ds as well as some of my buddies bikes (various makes).Currently own a 2009 Road Glide. Besides bikes I love golf and airgun shooting. My pride and joy is my 2008 Corvette which I drive (probably a bit too fast) on the great roads here in my neck of the woods. Looking forward to getting some great insights from the "classic pros" on this forum. Acky
  4. Acky

    xs 850 Triple

    Hey folks, I'm new here but have been riding and playing with Harleys for over 45 years. I need some advise on an issue. Buddy of mine just purchased a 1981 XS 850 Triple. It's in rough condition (lots of fuel leaks) so he asked me to get it in shape over the winter. Got fluids changed, new fuel lines, petcock o-rings, battery,etc. Pretty straight forward stuff. Bike now runs and, so far, no more leaks. Will get new tires and other 'fixes" later on. This machine came new with the Vetter Windjammer fairing and saddlebag setup. Nice combo. For some reason the headlite is not working. Per the old Haynes manual which I have, it shows the headlite shell has a screw on the side to get the sealed beam out which is fairly common. Unfortunately, this bike does not have any screws only a chrome ring over the sealed beam. The manual is silent when it comes to fairing equipped machines as far as the headlite goes. I'm not sure how to go about removing the sealed beam. Doesn't appear there are any tabs which may release the chrome ring and I would rather not use "force" and possibly bust something. I'm not even sure it's the sealed beam that's the issue. Could be a fuse, short, etc. but figured I start with the beam. I'd sure appreciate any insights you guys may have on the subject. I'm sure as I delve more into this bike I may have some other questions. Gotta admit I'm having a ball working on this machine. It's sooooo different from the H-Ds. Acky
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