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  1. 2003 i think matey, please make your own decision though
  2. i cannot find how to adjust the cable at the box and the bloke who i bought the bike from said that it recently had the bottom end rebuilt? surely it would have had new oil, what oil should i replace it with?
  3. i know you can get the athena 170cc kit, i used to have it on my dt125re it was quick but it soon died on me lol p.s how is everyone (airhead,Cynic sorry ive not been on for a while i've been buying and selling bikes to make some money )
  4. sounds complicated, if i adjust it at the box and it still creeps forward is it a majoy issue? will it do damage? ifnot i dont think ill bother
  5. just adjust your wheel to fit the chain you already have??
  6. i've adjusted the cable that connects to the hand lever but its made no difference, will changing the gearbox oil really help? really appriciate the help though matey
  7. Name: Yamaha YZ125 (2003) Date Added: 19 October 2012 - 04:17 PM Owner: Keiran95 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  8. Hi all! basically when im at the traffic lights it trys to creep off from you when its idleing in first gear with the clutch in, soon as you give it a little bit of revs it stops. i really clueless to why its doing it because none of my bikes have ever done it before... hopefully its just the clutch cable is abit worn?? Thanks for reading hope someone can help me
  9. I haven't read what everyone else has wrote but i had this problem with my yz125 whenever i pushed the bike backwards, it was the break pad clips so this maybe your problem also?
  10. Okay well i sold my old bike due to having an electrical problem that i gave up on trying to solve and now i have my eyes set on a mint 2001 dt125r BUT it needs all the lights wiring, all the wires are there they just need connecting apparently and i know for a fact that this would totally do my head in so i am just wondering how hard it actually is? Thanks all!
  11. Hello again everyone, i'm swapping my bike for a road legal yz125 & 350 cash but i need to know if my insurance would swap it over from my current bike to the bike i'll be getting as i cant afford to payup again just cause i got another bike, ifso do they charge for swapping it over?
  12. I've tried as much as i can and its still not sparking so i'm open to reasonable offers,
  13. Thanks again, i've got the battery on charge and i'll let you know how i get on tomorrow.. i'm going to try all of the above and hope i get somewhere, im really thankfull for all of your time & help! Thanks again
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