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  1. Putting a large carb on a standard engine will do nothing but give you trouble , in the end you realise that the std carb will perform best and let the engine breath to its current state of tune , ie standard. However if like me you wish to take the little rxs engine further , your best bet is to whip off the barrel and give it to a professional tuner who knows exactly what he's doing. Ask for a fast road tune for instance and have a rebore & piston while your at it. There is plenty of potential Retain the original carb and upjet to 125/130 mains and leave the airbox alone. You can then re-fit and run it in and then see/feel the difference. There's more you can do such as a different exhaust & fibre reeds etc but i would recommend you don't fit any type of foam filter as you'll run into a few problems. There are a few other easy things you can improve on which all add up to a better rxs100. i can also recommend a very reliable tuner which i used as well if needed. i like my rxs's btw
  2. Thanks guys for the nice comments, my rxs was a labour of love as it was in a bit of a state when i got it, so i thought i'd do something a little different and go the whole hog like re-spoking the wheels and tuning (slightly) the motor. i love kr yellow speedblock look and since i took the photo's ive managed to get a brand new seat which finishes it off... "Drewpy" just looked at your blog and thats looking a corker of a bike, especially like the black bolt method which i also learned in my metal work class lol, couldn't believe you a can opener like me ,, must have been all the rage at the time cheers again phil
  3. Bluesmoke

    yamaha rs200

    i had a little rs200 a few years ago, was a good fun bike and went very well on the open roads. The timing is critical as is getting the carb and oil pump spot on but once done it never missed a beat. i loved mine and replaced loads of little bits to make it a nicer bike, no problems getting parts and i had the bonus of a working electric start as well. just keep the battery charged and double check the motor settings and it will be great fun... The one i had phil
  4. rxs is a nice runner and the fz is ongoing / minor poorly wont be for long...... hope you like phil
  5. hi, name is phil and im a resident of the manchester area (uk), im 99% a yamaha man from the age of 16 when i got my 1st fizzy. Since then ive had all manner of models but mostly of the 2 stroke variety. Current steeds are a little rxs100 and a fz400r which is a nice blast from the past being built in 1987 . great forum and im having a good look around it all....... cheers phil
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