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  1. Hey all, Well i picked up my XVS 650 last Friday and she is going well , but the problem i have at the moment is that she is an import and has the little black sticker on the headlight to convert her and it looks tacky! i cant seem to find a genuine 650 Yammy head light any where (uk version) but can find a XVS125 head light easy, Sooooo do you cleaver chaps know / think the 125 head light will fit in the bracket and just be a plug and play job rather than chopping wires etc? All help is greatfully received Rgds Keith
  2. Hi and welcome, It would be a bad chioce to add another gear to this bike as it would most likely slow is down and put too much strain on the engine due to its low torque and im pretty sure that it's not possible to add another gear. Changing up a tooth or down a tooth on the spoket is your best option and is very easy to do if you have some basic knowledge of machanics and a good set of tools, just remove the left hand plastic cover remove the chain (may have to take out the rear wheel if you have an endless chain) then you should then be able to take out and change your sprocket. All the best and hope all gose well.
  3. O and if you do drop the rear end as paul White sugested (good idea... i too was gunna drop mine) you may have to re-do your chain as the angle will be different and the original chain may not cut the mustard. i have looked into all of this and you cant buy shorter shocks for this bike so they will have to be custom made for you, or just make some struts up with some hard wearing polly bushes.
  4. Hey bud good looking bike you have there! as for the handle bars............ i got mine off e-bay from a Norton, 7/8" bars with 3" risers check out my intro page for pics As for your indecators id be inclined to place them in your pillion peg bolt holes (may have to tap them out to a bigger thread) and just get your self a side number plate holder and brake light set. et valar https://secure.hosts.co.uk/~custom-fasteners.co.uk/acatalog/Taillight_Brackets.html
  5. Im not 100% sure on the XVS 650 just at this moment in time as im not picking mine up till Friday so cant reallt say if they will fit or not? i know i had to modify my new risers on my XVS 125 but that was only due to the fact that finding after market parts for that bike is like looking for rocking horse s**t. I do know the Americans do tond of stuff for the V star (dragstar in England) just Google aftermarket parts for that bike and im sure you will come up with a set that will just bolt on.
  6. Hi Paul, Welcome.....where bouts in Southampton are you? i used to live in Thornhill but now live down in Yeovil Somerset, still have all my family scattered over Southampton so i do visit regularly so if im ever down that end i wouldn't mind meeting up in the local Pub or what not. All the best Keith
  7. I have a set of bars from a Norton on my XVS 125 and have had to put a set of 3" risers on in order for the controls to clear the tank, you will also have to get the brake cable re-made so that its shorter and re-route the other cables so that they are'nt in the way and looking tacky. As for the riding possision and handleing, i find that it handles better with stright bars as your body weight is up front and you can turn in quicker and lean more into the corners and it totally changes the look of the bike! Here is mine when i was building it back up. As you can see they are old pics and i was still waiting on my 3" risers to turn up to sort out the cables etc. All in all i think it cost me a total of £30 to do that mod.....£10 for the bars (e-bay) £10 for the risers (again e-bay) and roughly £10 for the brake line (HEL)
  8. Hi Mate, i like the fact a lot of work has gone into the bike! well done, as for the price.........its not the original engine is it..? my XVS125 bobber has just fetched me £1500 part ex but in the little black book they are going for £900!!! shocking unfortunatly as you may know customising things de-values them and i think you best bet for insurance i say value it at around about £2000 - £2500 reason being that a standard second hand XVS125 normally go for about £2k ish but seeing that its a custom jobber id value it at a bit more so that if the worst is to happen at least you can get the money to buy another standard one if you wanted! Just my 2p tho hope all goes well and keep up the good work Keith
  9. Yer i aint too happy with V&J but hey ho i only see them for 20mins tops and thats the end of it.........as long as you leave a whole week end to check out the bike to make sure they aint screwed it up too much lol. Where bouts are you to then? guessing your nott to far from Yeovil? Yer sorry bout the boards but as you can see a lot of the "optional extras" are gunna be binned (best place for them!) i will have to check out if the 125 pegs fit if not then i will keep lookng about and may try a yamaha dealer if i can.
  10. The boards are (i say) in used condition, rubber is fine and in good order its just the under side is rusty, here is a link to a picture of the bike (it will fill the whole of your screen) but you can clearly see the state they are in, and i think they are highway hawks? Also you can see the state of the bike, but dont panic i have lots planned for it http://www.vandjsuperbikes.co.uk/new_bike_detail.php?bike_id=508&type=used&cat_id=142 (copy and paste into address bar if link dont work) PS the colour of the bike is changing this winter (big project)
  11. Hi All, New to the club so be gentle lol, Well next Friday (10/06/11) i am swapping over my XVS 125 bobber in for a tatty old 2001 XVS 650 in much need of some TLC. The previous owner has added a few taste-less mods which will be in the bin within 10 mins of me getting the keys! one of these mods are front and rear floor boards which are not to my taste so i want to change them back to pegs.....the rear ones are very easy to find on e-bay but i can not for the life of me find any original front pegs. So.....do any of you guys know of any web sites that sell them? or dose any one have a set they want rid of? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the welcome, The XVS 650 wasn't my 1st choice but after riding my bike i sort of fell in love with the Jap V twins, i was tempted by a Harley Sporster but they are the price of a small house these days then i looked at a Suzuki SV 650s but i would have ended up in a box and as soon as i have only just become a dad i thought thats not the route to go down so the dragstar is the way to go and i will start brakeing her down and turning her into a bobber this winter, but for the time being it will just be a big clean up job to keep her going through this year.
  13. Hello there! My name is Keith ive been looking at this club for some time now but only just joined now (as you can see ) At the moment i own a XVS 125 Dragstar which ive owned since Oct last year, i have slightly changed the way she looks a tiny bit as (i hope) you can see. She is going next week to a new home as i have Part Ex'd her in for a XVS 650 custom which i pick up on the 10th June and i cant wait! the new one is in a bit of a state and needs some TLC but i have some big changes planned for it this coming winter! Any who here are the pics of my 125 (i hope its worked lol) BEFORE AFTER (BUT ARE OLD PICS SHE IS FINISHED NOW)
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