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  1. spudzx10r

    R1 Clutch

    Help .... I have just bought a 1998 R1 and the clutch action feels like it is set in concrete. So far I have removed the clutch cable, which is free to move, as is the clutch lever. I have also had the clutch cover off and the clutch arm moves freely, no notchiness from the bearings. The previous owner tells me he had a new clutch fitted. Any one have any ideas Cheers Steve
  2. spudzx10r

    DT 125 lc

    Hello to all, Im looking for the left hand switch gear for my '82 MK 1 DT125lc. I think it should be an 11 wire switch as it also connects into the charging system. Many thanks in advance. Steve
  3. Thanks for the pointer to the TDR Forum. Wanted to see just how bad it really was before starting to spend any money. Looks like it has had one careful owner and 15 animals, before being lovingly laid up in the bottom of a lake. However photos will be posted as it develops.
  4. Hi, Just started stripping my TDR for restoration, and was wondering if anyone had a paint code for the frame. Its a 3CK1 model in black and yellow. TYhanks for any info.
  5. Hi to all, Im Steve, for a dedicated Kawasaki man, i have 6 Yams.... still havn't quite worked that out, but they make interesting bikes.
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