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  1. I don't want to speed but my commute is 40 miles daily and I would also like to do occasional '270 mile there/270 mile back' ride down the spine of the UK and so I need something that can cope on motorway. For this and financial reason, I am not so keen on 125s.
  2. Perhaps I overshoot with 100mph long-distance cruising but according to my Google findings on various forums, EN 500 is faster than most 750s and many 800s. All the speed references in the reviews I found talked about relatively easily reachable 100mph and this not being the top speed. EN 500s from '91-'96 have ~50bhp. Here are just few examples of my findings EN 500 with windscreen: Also, something about 535's size
  3. I don't know how many in units, but in % I expect to be at least on pair. By 'faster' I meant acceleration and comfort at high speeds (motorways). Looks like EN 500 would cruise at 100 with enough backup power for overtaking. It is also a bigger bike and with this it is hard to discuss - at the end of the day I am 6'5". I am not a Kawasaki fanboy, I just take into account this is Yamaha forum and want to push the alternative to the limit to make things more even
  4. I like the looks of Virago but quick search on google of virago 535 vs EN 500 I found that: - EN is better suited far tall riders (I am 6'5") - EN does more mpg - EN is much faster - if EN is with belt drive, there is no difference in reliability between this and cardan Many of these were opinions of people who owned both bikes, others from impartial (?) Suzuki owners so it appears as EN 500 comes on top.
  5. Guys, I overlooked one bike: how would you compare EN 500 with Virago 535? I thought Viragos are quite small dimension-wise. Is that right?
  6. I checked insurance and it would set me back roughly 170 quid pa. I realise 125 Drag would make for more seamless entrance into motorbiking but I also discovered there are many, many people whose first bike was EN 500. I am a very experienced cyclist and although it hardly translates into motorbiking I imagine it will help me with breaking, turning and keeping balance at low speed. I calculated all DAS/test costs and all in all it would set be back around 492 quid. Also, there is a small chance I will be able to get my motorcycle course and exam in two weeks I gonna spend in my EU home country and it that case, I'd pay ~240 for a full license. I still got some times to decide but I am definitely leaning towards full license and EN500
  7. Yeah, you got me hooked on DAS and Vulcan 500. It does make more sense, especially with my size and some longer cruises. Is the exam part of DAS training or do I need to worry about the exam separately?
  8. clarkegray, I couldn't wish for a better comparison. Thanks! Is the training course not enough? Going straight for Kawasaki EN500 is definitely something I'd like to do as this bike has all I want, contrary to all three 125cc bikes.
  9. Hmm, interesting perspective. I did not thing about it this way. Those ebay links do look interesting BUT these are not final prices. Could these bikes go well go for ~1500? It would take the entire ordeal in the neighborhood of 2000s. Also, what is the fuel economy in larger bikes? From 125cc I can get 70+mpg. Paulwhite, seriously? I though Shadows is even tad more powerful than Dragstar... Besides, this V2 is mounted also in Varadero which is one of the fastest 125cc bikes.
  10. Thanks. Direct Access does not appeal to me because 1. It is unreasonably expensive 2. Bigger bikes are less economical and more expensive (I can spend ~1500 max) 3. I have never been on a bike and when I tried sitting on 750 Kawasaki last week, I was intimidated with its weight.
  11. I am 26yo, from Newcastle, and thinking of taking on biking. I will do CBT soon and need to decide what bike to get (discussed in another thread) - I am hesitating between Dragstar 125, Shadow, and Varadero.
  12. Apparently, cruiser-wise there is nothing better than Honda VT Shadow 125 or Yamaha Dragstar XVS 125. The question is – which one to go for? They are so similar that me, with now experience whatsoever, cannot decide just on the basis of respective reviews. I am going to use it for commute (40 miles daily) on A-roads with occasional trips and round-town errands. I will probably end up getting raisers for steering bar as I am 6’5” (but light). I sat on a Dragstar just yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I expected although my hands were quite lower than shoulders, hence the thought of risers. Also, moving pegs forward would probably be another good idea, if this is doable. Anyway, I welcome any input form owners, ex-owners or opinionated people. PS Side question - does windshield decrease bike's top speed?
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