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  1. Great comments chaps, cheers! I'm currently breaking it down to the FJ /FJR, V-strom 1000, Vfr and CBF1000... Looking at lots of motorways... Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. Cheers DT, I think it was just last summer they were checked, only managed about 3000 miles. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  3. Cool, just about sold that idea! Now, what if I was to go ride one and then by chance found a newer FJR in my price range (unlikely I know but...) ho would they compare? . My divvy 6 is really easy to work on too, in fact, sounds like they came out of the same mould. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  4. Had a thread going on a Divvy forum which kinda ties it up for now. I think fuel starvation was the main cause. Seems to be ok now a full carb overhaul is in the future.. Here's the link to the finished thread.. (Couldn't get on to YOC on my phone hence finishing it on the Divvy club) divvylinky
  5. Possibly, although I've not heard it since. It did fire up (after a few attempts) about an hour after I got it back and revved and ticked over fine, it has got a noisy tappet at tick over /low speed so it may even have been this. I'll run it tomorrow with the seat off etc, get a look at the inline filter and see if I'm still get fuel in the air box. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  6. Aye, fuel pump can be heard priming too at switch on, just went through that system before the winter. Not had a chance to check vacuum and fuel lines properly yet. Cheers though, it will get a check any way. C. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  7. Thinking of ditching the car for most of the summer. I'm really only on motorways and the divvy N is a bit small. Noticed a couple of old FJ's cropping up. Anybody still doing proper mileage on them? Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  8. Cheers guys, I had just driven off a gravely car park so I'll cross my fingers on that one! So, just had a quick eyeball at everything plugs, lines etc and I've got fuel in the air filter, well sitting on top to be precise. I know it's fuel as I've just popped a bit of red ex in. I know it's not Mr Muscle but it can help. What is it that causes this problem again? It's a symptom of blow back from the carbs but why? (Happens to me with chick peas).
  9. So, not quite looking for answers yet but wanting to ask if I might be missing something off my list. Just heading out today and the bike began stuttering, (I did hear a tick tick tick sound just as I was moving off, though it may been a stone stuck in the wheel.) About 500 yards down the road the divvy stutters as though short on fuel, switched to reserve and it felt as though it was taking ages to come through. Long story short it eventually cut out. Checked the tank and there was fuel in it. Started after a couple of attempts, (actually put it back to main tank just uncase ), and headed home. Within about 200yards from the driveway it died, tried on reserve (whislt coasting bump and on the starter) and nothing. Thankfully I live down hill from that junction I've looked in the tank proper this time and there's definitely fuel in there, at least 2 litres, more than enough. Here what I'm thinking. Blocked vacuum / breather (The bike ran and revved freely on the stand when I got it home, albeit after opening the fuel tank). Blocked fuel filter / fuel line (Fuel filter was changed less than 1000 miles ago) Badly adjusted carbs (had a beautiful 60 mile ride at sun down last night, all through the power band with no problems) Carb diaphragm / vacuum - Hmm Air filter (Unless I'd hoovered up four leaves I doubt I'd have a total failure). Spark - Plugs, plug cables, CDI... (why would it fire fine at home - rev to 9k quite happily?) Anyone got anything else I could be missing? I'm really short on time for the rest of the day, and tomorrow, so I'll do a pokey visual check first. Cheers folks.
  10. Hey peeps. All well? Just trawling info on really (stampy) heavy downshifts on the Divvy 600n, (98). I'm probably overdue a new clutch cable as I've got a wobbly lever but for now it's relatively fine on the upshift etc. Really just going into first. Any info grately appreciated.I may even buy you a drink!
  11. Ha! Nothing on but a shiny helmet... Ever ridden in Scotland? It's not the wind, rain, sleet, snow etc... Its the bloody midges! Even still, naked bikes all the way.
  12. Aye the XJR1200 is very close to the top of the list... Some eh?, interesting suggestions there!
  13. Recently seen a picture of myself on my 98 Divvy 600N and I look like Donkey Kong on a Monkey bike. I need something with a bigger frame at least, gotta be naked too. Really taken with the XJR. Also looking at the CB1300 & ZRX... Neither have to really recent. I'm wondering what else there is out there with similar frame sizes.... Big suzuki's are obviously in there too. Any suggestions peeps? Ta!
  14. Got myself a partial loom so I just used the replacement main relay plug with inline crimp connectors, all taped up too. For good measure I've put a plastic wrap around the entire relay area to try tobprotect it from our glorious weather, not sure about this but I'll see how it goes. Pic to follow as I'm on my phone just now. Hopefully the bike won't die the first bump I hit! Cheers to all.
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