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  1. funny thing, it doesn't happen when cold - but occurs after about 10 minutes of riding.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes it does continue to rev once the springs have pulled the throttle back. I will try lubing the cables later Thanks again
  3. Thanks Mate! MUCH appreciated! Will give it a go. Do you think it might be worth me unhooking the cables, removing the housing and lubing the cables? Cheers as always!
  4. Hello! Hope you're all well. Was wondering if any of you can help? Yesterday, after riding my XVS650 for about 20 minutes, I noticed that my throttle seems to be getting ‘stuck’. I slipped into neutral, opened the throttle and let go – the bike continued revving (throttle open). Switched off the engine, let it cool down for a bit then started again, same thing happened. The bike continues the revs until you click into another gear. I left her over night and she seemed fine, until the engine warmed up. Then the same thing would happen. Anyone have any idea’s? Could the cable need replacing? Or do you think a bit of cable oil will do the trick? Any help would be MUCH appreciated as always!! Thanks
  5. Thanks Taskmaster. The 2 I went too couldn't help - they were Yam Dealers though. Will try a customs shop THANKS
  6. Thanks for the offer keith mate - helpful as always! I've taken the bolts into 2 places so far and they couldn't help Thanks for the help NSD - really useful info. Will measure up and have a little look ok eBay. If not, like Noise says, there HAS to be a bits and bolts shop somewhere! Breakers yard perhaps?? THANKS again guys
  7. Hahaha my jeans almost went up too Keith! I've got the turndowns....probably shouldwrap them. Glad your getting the Springer mate!! Gona be such a beast!!!
  8. One of the bolts I need is one of the 2 that secure the footpeg bracket - but a longer version (by abouthalf an inch). And the other 2 I need are the 2 thinner, longer bolts which are located higher than the 2 footpeg ones Does anyone know where I can find these or what size/type they are? THANKS
  9. Hello all, I have a set of 2nd hand engine bars for my XVS650 Custom, but I can't fit them as they did not come with bolts and the original bolts are too short! I need both the top and the bottom mounting bolts and can't find them anywhere! Does ANYONE have any idea of how I can get hold of some longer ones? Or perhaps one of you lovely people know what bolt Type/size/length I need to be looking for? ANY help would be MUCH appreciated Thanks in advance Nicky
  10. Sorry Leatherat - posted my last comment before I noticed your detailed response!!! THANKS!!! Will check the fuse and then try all that when I get home! Thanks Keith as well...knew I could rely on you guys!!
  11. Just thought - I haven't even checked the fuse!!! Well - presuming it is not the fuse - anyone have any other ideas? THANKS
  12. Hello all! was just wondering if anyone can help - I recently purchased an XVS650 and the horn doesn't work. I unplugged the connections and lightly filed off any corrosion on the connection pins, however, still no joy. The actual horn is rusty in places - do you think it needs replacing? or do you think it could be the connection? Does anyone have any ideas or know what I should be doing to test? If purchasing a new horn, I presume I can just replace with a universal motorcycle horn? I'm guessing a 12V horn should be ok for this bike? Please can anyone confirm? ANY help/advice would be MUCH appreciated! THANKS as always, Nick
  13. Hi Paul, Thank for your detailed reply - your rims look GREAT!!! Will sand back and then decide whether to clear coat or paint Thanks again for your help and ideas - MUCH appreciated
  14. Also Paul, if you went for the steel coloured enamel paint, did you go for the gloss or matt? How did it look? Thanks
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