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  1. "oldgitonabike" posted a helpful response and didn't complain about my post. You want to know about the people you're helping, but you didn't post anything helpful. Check out my profile if you want some more info, that's what it's for (although it's quite empty at the moment as I've just signed up). What I posted was not impolite, just to-the-point. If someone helps me out I'll be polite and show my appreciation. I'm not interested in arguing with anyone on this site. I came here to share knowledge with people who have a genuine interest in bikes. I understand what you're saying, but my point is that more information was just not necessary in this instance, and I'm not about to take advice on manners from someone going by the alias "up.yours".
  2. What's your problem? I was trying to keep the post concise. Why should I bore people with an introduction when I can get straight to the point? I can't really give anymore relevant information about the problems. Going by your username I'm guessing your posts aren't usually very constructive.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I'll give it a shot in the morning.
  4. Hi. Problem 1 My front left indicator has stopped working and the rear left is flashing too fast. The front and rear right indicators are fine. I've changed the front and rear left bulbs and cleaned the connections with contact cleaner, but this hasn't solved the problem. Problem 2 The first time I change into 1st when the bike's been cold for 5+ hours (approx.) it jerks forward and stalls. Gear changes into 2nd and 3rd are also getting increasingly clunky and it sometimes sounds like I've run over a drain cover. My bike is an '02 Yamaha XVS 125 Dragstar. I've gone through the manual and adjusted everything to the parameters it specifies. It had new spark plugs and an oil change about two weeks ago. I'm trying to get it ready for sale as I've got my mod. 2 test on Wednesday and I'm going to university on Sunday 26th so I won't really need it anymore (hopefully). Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm pretty new to bikes (started in May). Cheers.
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