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  1. hi ppl jst wondering if any one has any tips about the athena 170 kits, been thinking bout geting one for my dtre there prity expensive though, a dt/rd fanatic m8 said that wen u put the 170 kit on ur alot better geting a 170 crank/conrod aswell or a uprated/heavey duty 125 one to cope with the biggerload and make it more reliable, what do us make of that is it true or alot of dribble also any info on the 170 kit would b gr8ly appreciated lol like cheap places to buy one thanks daz milne
  2. eh like few days later mite do that today and my jets gona start with the 230 see what that is like
  3. problem solved guys i took the radiator cap of and gave it a wee rev, and it was bubblin like mad so thursday night swaped the head gasket with a nearly new one and thats seemed to have fixed it although there was not much wrong with the gasket that came off weird thanks for all the help guys
  4. well thanks for the help og im gona go check that now, and ive been toping up the radiator vez does it make a differance
  5. my dtre 07 seems to dislike coolent, every time i top it up it just comes back out the overflow when im driving ive been leaving little puddles of it every where any ideas how to stop this would be great
  6. looks like ive got a few jobs to do tomoro was ment to be ma day off lol love it realy so if i set the powervalve like in the video it will be more responsive low down and il put the bottle back on cheers vez
  7. the petrols ment to go in the tank not on it
  8. and yes i meant bigone made a cock off maself again
  9. thanks for that vez this is very helpfully sorry if it was hard to read jst new to this yoc and forums not realy a pc person thanks again for taken the time to write tht out
  10. wiseguy lol why does it have to be petrol resistant ,you dont put petrol resistant laquer on cars maybe scratch resistant
  11. wen i got the bike it was the stefan everts le bt it was scratchd all over and the head light cowl was snapped so wen i had a week of work i painted the lot black with blue under the tank and mud guards and on the side plastics looks good bt nt realy sure bout the two different colours,lol then i crashed into a tree offroad and cracked the mud guard and some of the paint flaked off so next time im gona use plastic primer and flexilaquer n stay away from that tree
  12. what do you mean open the carb to help the flow mines does bout the same 70 in 4th then il put it into 5th and it just drops powerwise piss like was considering getting a jet kit bt nt sure if it will fix it
  13. what do u mean petrol resistant like scratch resistant you havent painted it with a aerosol have u lol
  14. thanks for that vez il have a look into that mite just get a new front mudgaurd and headlightcowl and paint the lot a mad colour lol daz
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    thanks for the welcome guys
  16. milne

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    hows it going guys jst intraducing myself im called darren from edinburgh got an 07 dtre 125 for now looking at yz125 on the road coz this wee dts jst nt fast enough lol
  17. does any one know of anywhere you can get new plastic sets aftermarket would be exellent also decent graphics considering respraying the dt
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  19. definatly if its got the standard pipe on it now the it should b much faster with a depp/bigboy system is it de restricted at the head light cowl
  20. just saw a dt125 with a 33mm yz carb on it just wondering if any 1 new of any parts that go on the dt from the yz 125
  21. get ur self a depp or big boy u will notice the diffrence sounds great to ive got the big boy maself
  22. just wondering if any one had any ideas about geting my dt 125 to go faster iv done all the usal stuff to de restrict it its a 07 dtre what ive done modification wise is earthed the reed wire so it revs freely, big boy full system, boycen duel stage reeds,removed the two air bottles and blocked them off and removed the snorkle also turned the powervalve almost 180 lol i just had the thing doing 7o to 75 screwing it in 4th but as soon as i put it in to 5th it just dies powerwise the thing is heating up quick ive been told this is because of the amount of air the bikes getting and the lack off 2stroke and petrol ive been looking into ways of fixing this i was thinking a jet kit would fix the problem ive found a company in america that will make tailerd kits to your bike if you send them ur info any comments would help new members first post n that
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