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  1. ...there are a swag of multi-stradas, and GS BMs, these days, howerver a growing throng of TDM's 1200's and 660's do also frequent, this was made prior to the 'new' 1200 etc...
  2. ...if a later, tappered steering head bearing set, similar to those used on the TR1, will retro-fit onto that bike's predecessor, the XV920R roadster?
  3. ....roger that. And I'm told the (original) paint colour was most likely "Aurora Silver". Does anyone have a direct e-mail contact at Yamaha USA? I have surfed their site comprehensively and whist there are many e mail addresses, they are all marketing related, and 'specials' type sales stuff etc. I'm trying to write to someone there who might actually punch the numbers into computer and come up with the info. So far I have deduced it was a private import to Australia, and was complianced in Queensland in '02. aunty
  4. I am trying to correctly identify a xv920rh # 5H1-101525. The Vin de-coder asked for a 17 digit number. This 'bike has only this number stamped into the frame and also into the engine. Trying to confirm date of manufacture, original colour, and original market? Anyone have any idea? Also, I have tried to email Yamaha Japan, and the USA, but find lots of 'sales' options but no enquiry or I.D. options. Does anyone know of a correct email address for the American and Japanese Corporates? All help greatly appreciated. M
  5. ...seems the paint issue is 'after market'. I tried in vein with the I.D. sites around the place, they seemed to want a 17 digit VIN #, But nothing for the engine number, which is 5H1101525. If anyone knows how to interpret this detail I'd be grateful of the help. m
  6. ...ah...I was begining to suspect the paint wasn't 'kosher'. Couldn't find a pic anywhere that resembled it. Only black, a brighter red, and the TR1 silver. All with the familiar raised lettering. So thanks John, I appreciate the feedback, and yes, certainty would come with a # search. Interestingly two sources are 'certain' the colour/badging is std?...not supported by photographic evidence,however. Finally, there is the kilometre speedo, instead of the miles one. There are quite a few US imports here sporting Miles speedos,(xs2s, tx's, honda 4's etc), so it's another element in the mystery? Thanks again for helping. Just in case, does anyone recall seeing the dark maroon paint and crossed tuning fork symbol, equipped bike? My UK informant swears they are 'real', as did my Aussie one. Kind regards, Aunty Mal
  7. I have been seaching the net, and getting mixed results.Some verbal advice which is "iffy". With respect to an XV920 roadster i.e. NON Virago. I think I have learnt there was a "TR 1" which displaced 981cc and the XV920 which is a 920cc bike. Correct? Also that the 920 was not imported to Australia only the TR1? However, I'm looking at an XV920 with a kilometres speedo, despite the fact the bike seems to come from Canada? Also it has an Australian compliance plate. A local boffin told me "these 920's were 1000's anyhow"? Doesn't seem logical to me. Yamaha Australia have confirmed it's 'not Australian', and suggested maybe an independent state distributor imported the bike prior to Yamaha Corporate setting up in Oz? Finally, the bike has a dark marrone metalic paint job with the traditional crossed tuning fork motif on the tank. As opposed to the raised 'Yamaha' lettering of some variants,including the TR1, is this a std' paint/badge scheme? Bike appears to be an '81 model. Any assistance GREATLY appreciated, as I'm now running in circles! Kind regards, 'Aunty Mal'.
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