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  1. i never set it up, it was set up before i bought the bike, i just disconected the wires on the servo. and reconnected them when i bought and fitted a new pulley.
  2. if you mean the other thread, you cleary havent read the name correctly? the other thread is about the bike not running, this thread is about why the powervavle wasnt working correctly. the only reason i writ about the powervalve in the other thread was because that was what i was doin at that point in time when the bike stopped running, and i never asked on that thread why the valve wenrt workin. the thread title says it all.
  3. im pretty sure the valve can spin a full 360 degrees though? and its symetrical, so im not quite sure how it could be fitted wrong, yea the battery was fine when i had it running before. but just wont do it anymore. it may just be gumemd up though, i'll clean it after i get the stupid bike running again
  4. ye ive dis-connectin the servo now anyway, and yea i have donde, its all in the rite position
  5. yea it was, the 'u' shaped bit in the pulley was alinged with the hole when the exhaust port was flat.
  6. yea thats what it did, it worked in the correct way, but it seemed to make the bike really slow, thats why i unplugged it.
  7. yea its wedged in open position, and im not quite sure where the clicking was coming from, i thought maybe it was the gears in the servo clicking? because the clicking only happened when i re-connected the servo and had the bike running.
  8. hello, i kno there is allready a huge thread on how to de-restrict a dt125r. but ive allways had this on my mind about the ypvs on my motorbike. basically when my powervalve was supposedly working ages ago it had no differnece in bottom end power than it did when the valve was jammed closed and dis-connected. and while it was supposedly working it would only top out at around 65mph in 5th, and 6th gear had no power what so ever. while when the valve was jammed closed it would go off the clock. and ive never figured out why it has been like this because it span in the same directions as the videos posted on youtube ect. the bike model is 2001, and im 99% sure that the PW was working in the correct way. is it possible that even if the cable were the tiniest bit loose it would open or close correctly? or maybe somethin to do with the generator/battery?
  9. allready got a new one, mite get another new 1 but dont think it will make a difference
  10. thats what im like, ive done that too, left it overnight 3 nights in a row and done the same thing plus other stuff every day since haha. and ive tried bumping it to, just wont start haha
  11. aint got the tool but done the thumb thing, seems fine. and i feels the same amount of compression it had before it stopped working
  12. yea it was running fine, then i fitted the new pulley , re-connected the servo, PW wouldnt work , then started making a wierd clickin noise, a plastic kinda of clcik thought. ive allready checked the piston and rings, and there fine.
  13. yea the powervalve moves fine, im not really fussed witth it at at the moment, i only mentioned it because it was what i was doin when the bike died and never started after.
  14. well ive never taken the actual valve out myself so im not sure whether it was fitted correctly, but im pretty sure the valve spins a full 360. ive just got it in the same position i had it before i started playing with it again. which is jammed open:)
  15. Hello again, not sure if anyone remembers me but anyway my dt125r will not start, ive tried evrything that i can think off. the 3 main things the bike needs which are spark fuel and compression are there, it just will not start. what happened was, the bike was running absolutely fine. with the ypvs jammed open because the pulley was snapped so i had to wedge to pulley in a stiff position so it wouldnt move. i bought a new pulley and fitted it, reconnected the servo, switch igniiton on and the powervavle would not do that check thing where it makes a zip zip noise or whatever. okay so i kicked it over and revved it to 7k to see if it would start working which it did not (it also started making a wierd clicking noise). then the bike died. so i made sure the powervalve was in jammed open position and unconnected the servo, tried kick startin it and it wouldnt start and hasnt since. list of things ive tried not in order (maybe more just cant remember) 1.changed coil 2.changed spark plug 3.changed ht lead 4.changed fuel 5.cleaned carb 6.checked and cleaned reeds 7.checked stator,flywheel and all that crap/which is fine (maybe the timing is out, not sure, im not sure?) 8.checked piston and rings, which are fine basicaly the engine is fine, fuel is getting through, and it has a perfect strong spark. what else is there? any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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