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    Hello mate, I had my bike done by Sudden Impact. they did a great job - if you look at my gallery you will see before and afters - also they did a ton of other custom work on it for me. dont over charge and dont try and sell you crap you dont need - email Michelle at [email protected] I am looking at the single swingarm as well - seen a few in the US and they look sweet. good luck with your bike mate
  2. Munkey

    R6 Radiator Cover

    Great example they are niceeeeeeeeee bikes
  3. Need some advise. I want to change the rear caliper on my R6 - does anyone know who makes a Straight OEM replacement. have tried the usual suspects but not having much luck, I want to use the Original master cylinder, lines etc any input greatly appreciated , Ta
  4. Munkey

    R6 Radiator Cover

    Thanks mate much appreciated, it was done by sudden impact in London, and needless to say I am very happy with the results! They did a lot of other work as well, they are great. I agree with you I like the older ones - I like the fact there is still a cable attached from the throttle to the carbs no fuel injection. A modern engine without too many electronics, the new 6s and 1s are sweet bikes, however I grew up with 350 LCs old skool GSXs and FZRs so the early R6s really appeal to me. Its ten years old now, but I service it religiously and keep it in top shape and it still goes like @#$% of
  5. Chuffed as got a Rad cover at last !

  6. Munkey

    R6 Radiator Cover

    You are a star, clicked it liked it bought one been looking for agesssssssssssssssssssssssss, THANKS very much - as soon as I get fork conversion done I will post the pics..
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    After 2.JPG

    From the album: After

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    Paint finished the work continues..
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    From the album: After

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    From the album: Before

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    When I got it
  12. Munkey


    From the album: Before

  13. I have a 2000 R6 and I am having great difficulty in sourcing a Radiator cover for it Beowulf used to make one alas no more Any ideas more than welcome, 2nd hand is fine Cheers
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    Paint in progress
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