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  1. Thanks Ttaskmaster...see you out there ...keep the rubber side down matey
  2. Hi folks, thank you all for your info. I took on board your advice, Ttaskmaster and Barkwindjammer. I then looked in my manuel and studied the wiring loom and eliminated what was working and what was linked to each working component and got it down to, as you suggested, the starter switch, cut out switch and starter relay. I asked my BF to open up the starter and cut out switch clamp on my handle bars and after evicting my resident little spider and her web-house and nest of soon to be children, which saddened me greatly, checked the wiring and all seemed ok except for many years worth of accumulted debris. He sprayed inside with some electrical cleaning spray, for good measure and blasted some compressed air in there and then sprayed it again and hey presto....after flicking the cut out switch up and down a few times, it worked. Put it back together and all is good now. The fault was the cut out switch!!!! with bad connections. So glad I didn't go out and buy a reg/rec. Phew!!!!!
  3. I've fixed my bike and serviced her, she is now running beautifully :-)

  4. Thanx Barkwindjammer There is no noise at all- its totally dead, but all the lights are on, neutral light showing etc. When it cut out it made a click like a trip switch sound when the lights go in the house!!!!!!..I thought a fuse had gone but they are all ok....?????
  5. I'm new on here and havn't got to grips with using this forum thingy yet, but thank you for your informattion and help, Ttaskmaster. I will try each thing and let you know what is wrong.
  6. Thank you for the info, Ttaskmaster, I will try these things and let you know how I get on. many thanks Ladystarlight-xvs
  7. Hi everyone I've had a problem. Just lately she has been cutting out on initial start/ignition and on second start usually goes ok. On this occasion same thing happened, started fine then cut out then on second attempt....no ignition at all. Dead as a do-do. Though all the lights are working, all the fuses are intact, battery is at full power and took starter motor off to check it and that is running off an independant battery. In the past the regi/rec went and fried the old battery and the new regi/ rec has been on about 2 years, though it was a second hand one that some one had spare and gave me so don't know how old it is. I was wondering if any one had any idea to what may be wrong. Is it the regi/rec again or something else. I thought it may be the regi/rec but wouldn't the battery be fried again if it was? Please could someone give me some advice as I'm cufuffled.
  8. Custom paint work by Mick Neill of Custom Paint Studio, Willenhall West Midlands
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