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  1. dolfan

    FZ600 turned Cafe Rider

    Customized 1986 FZ600
  2. Hey there Alex, I have an 1986 FZ600 that was restored and your problem I have seen. First of all, the key should not be able to get removed without turning off the engine. Basically you have a worn cylinder. Easily fixed. I purchased a new one from e-bay for $25, unfortunately now ignition key does not work on gas tank or the trunk. I hope this helps. good luck, Ozzie.
  3. I am having trouble posting the pics on this. The pics I have are on the garage page though.
  4. Hello, name is Ozzie and I have 1986 FZ600 and a 2009 FZ6R. My 1986 is a almost finished project, and I thought this site might be a good source of information with a few issues I have not been able to solve. Also I would pass on any info I might have for anyone needing it. I am looking forward to interacting with you all.
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