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  1. ive taken the bolt out of the bottom if that is what you mean and still when i do the pull hammer affect they still dont come apart
  2. ive just looked in the haynes and it doesnt show but at a wild guess id say the should,ive got a 2000 model and looking at the pic on the front they look slitly bigger than the 91 model
  3. ok lets give it a go,hi my name is Damien and im new to this site im having problems splitting my forks can anyone help im getting stressed coz i need my bike for work and im shure ive done every thing rite like the book says but the tube and slider wount come apart to change the seal
  4. tdm 850 2000 model, taken all the gutts out from the fork,dust seal off clip out and tryed to draw hammer out the tube from the slider,can anyone advise please coz i need to change the oil seal and im struggling and need to get to work tomorrow
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