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  2. FZR or FZ 750 not starting ?

  3. hi mate one last question for ya the bike starts ok on choke then off the choke when the engine is still cold the tick over is set at about 2000 revs I know this is to high but just for testing,as soon as you take the bike out and it warms up the tick over drops to around 1000 revs no amount of adjusting the tick over screw in will change it any ideas as I am totally stumped thanks ayron
  4. hi mate ater stripping and rebuilding the carb it started first time on the button, its a 28mm mikuni the slide is box shaped,the side is flat,the mixture screw turned in 1 and a 1/2 turns so set it to that on rebuilding as for the clip groove I couldnt get to it what a pain in the arse the slide has like a yellow plastic clip inside which I coulnt move so didnt bother as for the servo it seems ok and moves at the right time ,when riding it still burbles at about 5.5 6000 revs ,and when backing the throttle off it potters at lower revs definatly think it is a carb prob as for the manual the new TDR125 have the same engines I think,anyways it runs.I should be thankfull for that and some nice weather cheers,ayron
  5. Dammit, why do i get all exited when i see bike parts all shiny and new looking ready to be fitted.. LOL! hi,I am going to strip the carb can you tell me the settings for the 4fl00 t361 carb with a 200 main jet ,what's the mixture setting also which clip position for the needle,I am doin this as it was a twat to start from cold and runs lumpy untill the power band kicks in,I know everyone says the power is high up but I had an old one these bikes with drum brake on the back the pv was pegged fully open and it ran a lot smoother than this bike also do you know reed stopper clearence thanks in advance ayron
  6. these are the pics of the parts when I fitted the new piston the chap I bought it off said it had been stored for 10 years when he bought it
  7. hi mate here goes the pic hope it works,on looking on ebay for the same one the specs are as follows Cold Cranking Amps CCA (-18 C): 40 Max Charging Amps: 1.5 Normal Charging: 0.5 Voltage: 12V Capacity: 5Ah
  8. hi mate ,as soon as the weather clears up I will un sheet the bike whip the faring off and take a pic,how do you post them on this page thanks ayron
  9. thanks vez,I packed the junction box with grease quite gloopy stuff to,so I will check that in the morning as for carbon build up definately not as just fitted new piston and rings and decoaked pv and head thanks for the quick reply,I was looking at another clip by you on the pv servo the speed which it moved forwards and backwards was a lot faster than mine the battery was new when I bought the bike 1 week ago but it looks small in the battery holder do you rekon it is this or something else thanks ayron
  10. thanks man,one more question the bike goes really well but once all warmed up and at stand still if you rev it,sometimes at about 6-7000 revs it will smoke its ass off and burble a bit then it will clear my guess is that the oil pump need adjusting a bit,but worried about it seizing up as just fitted a new piston rings,any help much appreciated thanks ayron
  11. hi,I recently bought a tzr125r 96 n reg,it is a import and the full power model as far as I know,can anybody point me in the right direction for a manual for this bike,the engine and chassis number both begin with 4HW but everything I have read online say you can identify a 4dl by the letters 4fuoo embossed on the cylinder which this bike has also all the panels have 3xv on them,the colour is black,purple blue,any help would be appreciated,thanks ayron ["[email protected]"]
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