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  1. Harley Davidson Electra Glide fully restored & customized Show Winner https://dallas.craigslist.org/sdf/mcy/d/harley-davidson-electra-glide/6258903079.html
  2. Skynet here we come... http://webm.land/media/5zUY.webm
  3. I can just imagine turning up at work with that on my helmet....How they'll laugh.
  4. it's a parody and makes fun of Isis.just a bit of fun
  5. sniff6

    4 Yams,

    Nice collection of bikes you got there Blackhat.
  6. Hummm i think i'll give the lawn a quick mow
  7. oldie but still golden.
  8. I Dont know how you are getting on with this project Foams but i was watching this chap and reminded me of yours. .
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