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  1. Hello people, i'v e got a 05 DTX. I've heard people talk about the power valve where the exhaust meets the barrel. What do you do to it? And will that work on my 05? Not really sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Thanks people! And especially you OldGit! lol Talk about going out of your way to give a help in hand! Are them reed valves easy to get hold of?
  3. Hey, ive got a DT125X, ive done the wire behind the speedo, and got a full dep exhaust pipe, and took the snorkel off the air box under the seat. All together they have made it considerably quicker! I've heard, it's then good to change the jets to bigger ones. Any idea of what's the best size to go for? And also the reed valve. I'm not fully up to speed with reed valves, i've never had one in my hands to look at. Any advice on whick is the best ones to get and where from? Thank you people, and god bless this forum for being full of genius'! lol
  4. If someone gives me a video camera and a gps system then no i wouldn't mind!! :-P lol Don't know why everyone is getting so serious about all this anyway! Aren't we all just bikers that love to go out and have a blast and a good time?? So why is it so important what the mph is as long as you're riding with a smile on your face?! :-D
  5. Hey, i agree on ignoring this guy. I personally know 'bestwickdtx' and he is definately right! We've both got DTX's and we can Both get 85+mph out of them! And before that other guy steps in again to say the speedo is wrong, i've had my dad follow me in his car to measure it better and it WAS about 85! And all i've done is the wire behind the speedo that bestwickdtx was on about and a full dep system. So all this talk that they can't get that sort of speed is a load of boll***s cus there's two of us here that can with no probs.
  6. Mate, hate to burst yours actually, but i've got a DT125X and i CAN just about get 90 out of mine!! :-P
  7. I had a SR mate and i could only get 60-65 out of it and i'm 6 foot and 14 stone aswell! lol Think we're just too big lol.
  8. Hey!! I've got a DT125 and the 100 miles to a tank is about right but the performance is definately off! I can get about 75-80mph out of mine and even just past 80 if it's a good wind and maybe a bit of downhill. I'd definately try a new exhaust cus it could just be full of crap from the over oil usage. You say you use it daily, but how far do you go? If you gave it a good long run for a few hours that could be a good help to get rid of alot of the clogged up crap in the engine. Also get some Full engine cleaner for it. You put it in the tank with the petrol and it costs about £15 from Halford
  9. Dog22


    That's Gorgeous mate!! You just made me wanna go out to clean and polish mine now!! lol. I really want a DEP exhaust on mine but can't afford it yet :-( i've still got the ugly stock one :-( lol
  10. That looks lovely mate!! :-D How much was your Exhaust? Not sure whether to get one of them or a DEP System for my DTX :-D
  11. Alright Thank you :-D
  12. How Have you managed that?? I've just got my DTX and I can get about 65 out of it but ive done nothing to it at all. What things have you done to get it that fast??
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