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  1. of what bike can i take upside down forks of and put them on my fzr400 exup 1wg. i thort maybe an r6 but thay mite just not fit. what can some uf you lot tel me that can help? thanks wayne
  2. thrs fukal anyone can do apart get pisd of with it all day every day
  3. fkn hell 40 ppl have comented on wot i started. that fkin grate lol
  4. fkin hell wel i know never to go the for fuel
  5. f**Kin hell wher are you buyin your petrol from? im goin tesco and its 1.05.9 and that is robing me. im glad im noy goin where your goin for yours pal
  6. i have got the same prob with mine pal just tie it open with some wire. it spluters round town at 3000 rpm but its ok. or you can pay to get it fixd n its about 45 pound for 1 cable and yo need 2 so that wil come to about 90 n its not worth it
  7. i akd the same thing pal and a few lads sed thay dont fit
  8. i dont know about all use bike riders owt ther but the price of petrol is startin to go wel over the top now and the worse thing is that no1 can do anyfin about it i mean wot is it u pay tax and insure and ur m.o.t but you cant go out on our bikes asmuch because on top on your tax and insure thers petrol that is over 106 a ltr. somethin or some 1 as got to get the price down to les than £1. ino plenty of bikers that say ther bikers and have half a bike at home in bits but thay sit in the pub all day ther the bikers that arnt boverd about price of petrol coz thay dont go out and spend ther money on petrol like me coz i love goin out on my bike no mater wot n thats why its startin to p me of about the price of petrol.
  9. how do leds. i have just got my gsxf 400 goin but i went down the road on it today for the 1st time and its dragin back on its self and just not goin the way it shud. i put on full revs and tryd to set of and it bangin from the head and i mean bangin but as i got it to set of and goin a lilbit it pickd up but then as i stopd it cut out on me. its like it woz runin out of petrol but it cant coz it has half a tank. if any1 as any idears them please let me know wot you think i can try. nice1
  10. kk will do. il c how she runs with the valve wrkin as it shud do. asoom as i get her all sortd il let uno how its runin.
  11. na my down pipes are a lil fkd so isted of getin 400 1s i 4t i mite awel get 600 1s if thay fitd n it mite giv me a lil bit more power. my valve woz fkd wen i bought n a jst tied it open n bint fink it wud mater but as i can c it dus.
  12. im gonna get a new cable for my valve because it spluterin at 3000 rpm wile am ridein round town. nice1 cloudy il take your word for it pal
  13. ok cheerz mate thats all i wanted to know realy. i myt aswel just gas flow the head on it then and see how it runs then. do uno wether the 400 exup runs any beter with the exup valve on because the cables av snapd and i av just tied the valve open on the exhauste
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