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  1. enybody help me with these numbers 3md 018145
  2. i keep trying to check the vin nu on a bike but it says you need 17 nu, i only have 9 on the frame and the engine
  3. ive bought a dt 125 it was used as a feild bike and as no number plate or log book is there any way i can find out what year it is
  4. the bike was used off road and i would have to buy all of the above, i been told its a 2000 model and it was bought cheep its not in the best of condition but i thought it was some thing me and my boy could do, may be then he would look after it but it is a gamble i have to see what happens hope not a nock on the door... thanks for your help
  5. is there any way i can check if its nicked
  6. my son as gone and bought a dt 125 but as no nu plate or log book how do i get them..
  7. garet78

    dt 125

    thanks for your replies it had me worried
  8. garet78

    dt 125

    is it true dt 125 r no longer road legal because of emissions
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