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    1998 R1 in white and red 1989 FZ600. Best bikes ever

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  1. samsex


    Hello people. I have restored a 1989 FZ600. Its in Decembers Practical Sportsbike mag. Have a look see what you think. I am on the lookout for another FZ project.
  2. samsex

    1989 fz600 full fairing for £1k?

    Its my bike in the mag! and my ugly mug on the first page of the feature!!!!!!
  3. samsex

    1989 fz600 full fairing for £1k?

    Hello chap I have one of these, I recently restored it. I am into this model big time. Can you send me a few pics of the bike and I might be able to help you out. My bike is in December issue of Practical Sportsbike mag, some useful info in there, These are not worth a lot, so be careful on the price. I am looking for another one, so if you dont want it, drop me a line. I paid over the odds for mine, spent a small fortune doing it up!!!!
  4. samsex

    Uploading pictures?

    Hello How do I upload pics of my bikes the Members Rides? It does not seem to work? must be doing something wrong! regards Steve
  5. samsex

    1988 FZ600 Lock set

    Hello people Looking for a complete lock set for my 88 FZ600. 07769 970097 cheers! Steve
  6. samsex

    1988 FZ600 exhaust

    Hello people Does any one know where I might find a Kerker, Laser, or Vance & Hines type race system for my 1988 FZ600? Been looking for ages and cant find anything. Would prefer the age related system, not keen on the Micron set up. Would also prefer new, but would consider a used if excellent nick. Does anywhere do NOS of these makes??? hope someone can help!
  7. samsex

    You name it, we'll get it!

    How about a race exhaust system for a 1988 FZ600 2HW model?
  8. samsex

    1988 FZ600 exhaust

    I am looking for a race exhaust system for my 1988 FZ600. I used to love the old Kerker, Laser, Vance and Hines sysyems. Cannot find one for love nor money! Anyone know where I might find one of the above?
  9. samsex

    fz600 1988 33 bhp

    Hi I looked into this for you, but could not find anyone who made a kit for the FZ600's. Sorry!
  10. samsex


    Hello All New to Forums. I have an 88 FZ600, and a 98 R1 both white/red. Riding up to Box Hill on the R1 on Sunday 21st August. Feel free to say hello!
  11. samsex

    1988 FZ600

    Hello peeps I am after a race exhaust (inc down pipes) for my 1988 FZ600. Would prefer a Laser or Vance & Hines, any one got one lying around?
  12. samsex

    FZ600 owners!

    i dont own a Fazer! its an FZ600!
  13. samsex

    FZ600 owners!

    Blimey....am I the only one with an 80's FZ600??
  14. I am in Southampton, looking for some fellow FZ600 86-89 owners to ride with. Anyone fancy a ride out send me an email stephenfry@tiscali.co.uk
  15. I have completed my FZ600 project!