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  1. Thanks for that - great start !! (I will also need suitable bolts for stress areas too though as some of my brake disc fixings sheared when removing them).
  2. Hi All, I am new to this site and as you may work out, not very technically/mechanically knowledgable, however would appreciate any assistance you guys can give me. I have owned a Fazer 600 (2002 model) since October 06 and have recently stripped it down in order to give it some much needed TLC. Currently the frame etc is off for powder coating and I look forward to putting it back together when it comes back. I will need some to replace some parts though and wondered if I can get any info from you about this.... I will be needing various bolts from around the bike, as well as other more standard items such as filters and chain/sprocket set etc etc. I will also need some other bits (possibly none standard)which you may be able to assist with... (I will update the post as I think of more bits that I need) Can you get Braided hoses to run from the radiator to replace the fixed pipes (which on mine have corroded badly) and rubber hose? If not, can anyone advise what to replace these with instead? Where is the best place to get hold of bolts etc (stainless) - I am not able to travel far to get things, so web order (without seeing the part) would be advantageous. If anyone has any other ideas they think are worth sharing for a rebuild before I commence please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for any assistance.
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