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  1. Thanks. To clarify re: swingarm bushings, my unit had bronze bushings, which were OK in themselves. My complaint was how the hardened/ground steel pivot gets water in the grease and rusts to the point that it locks against aforesaid bronze bushings, and then the system starts using the pivot bolt as the pivot, wearing on the bolt and the frame. What I did was experimental and requires a metal lathe and much time. I turned a 303 Stainless pivot, whose finish was coarser than stock (a minus) , and turned Delrin bushings. With normal automotive grease, no moving parts can rust or f
  2. Second post: Starting. When I first got my bike, it seemed hard to start and reluctant to idle, tending to stall. It seemed to be very fussy about ignition issues. It also seemed reluctant to pull below 3500RPM, and lacked torque. At first, I focused on the ignition. It was not enough. However, the ignition is not as strong as one might hope, and all of our bikes are old. For those reasons, I recommend y'all do the following things anyway, it is guaranteed to make your bike more reliable, and clarify what problems remain. -Clean and polish every connection in the core electrical
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