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  1. Hi guys, I've got a Yamaha r6 2009. I was thinking about possibly changing the fairings to another colour. Wasn't quite sure how it would work out with the Tank. Do these fairing kits come with the tank bits as well? or do I have to respray the tank to a matching colour. Highly confused! Does anyone know a reliable place to buy fairing kits from? or replacement fairings? Thanks Shabaz
  2. Hey guys i cant seem to find a motorcycle specific rucksack with a decent capacity. I need a rucksack to pop my gym bits in but am just finding ridiculously overpriced bags. Any recommendations or advice? Thanx guys, Just ordered my R6, hopefully be here next week. Shabz
  3. Hi guys, got my module 2 test on friday. I just wanted to confirm the correct lifesaver glances. I know that when lifting off, you need to check both mirrors and lifesaver to the right. but does this apply for when your turning right at the lights for instance. Or another confusing one is when turning left at a set of lights, left or right lifesaver? or both? I tend to to check both ways, but I dont want to seem like a cant keep my head still during the test, nodding all over the place. I only want to take the necessary glances. thanx guys Shabaz
  4. Thanx a million goff, That was a very clear explanation. Loadza help! Shabaz
  5. Id the number plate and indicators flush up to the underside of the rear seat? If so its probably coz it has one of those tail tidy things. Not too sure tho.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to biking and have just bought a YZF R-125. Was wondering what the correct way to wash the bike is. I gave it a wipe over becuase i was a bit reluctant is using too much water and damagaing the bike. Any tips with washing, cleaning polishing the bike, exhaust, chain wheels. Thanx guys, Shabaz
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