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  1. this thing is very interesting for me also:) reservoir-dog keep us informed how the thing works out for you i'm thinkig to do the same thing...but it's harder to find these parts here in Slovenia and i think i'll have to order them from somewhere else which costs me a bit more;) that's why i would like to hear something from you first.
  2. jerc


    of course, of course...i just wasn't sure for the oil and all that stuff..thanks again for the answers and the help
  3. jerc


    Graham thank you very much! It will save me some €'s too
  4. jerc


    oh...and my bike is a dragstar 125 year 2002
  5. jerc


    hello to everyone! because i'm starting a new riding season i of course want to change oil and oil filter. Because i haven't done this before and because i don't want to start this if i can't do it on my own(but i want to save some money )i ask you guys this: do i need any special yamaha-tools that i don't have? i mean...i have all the standard tools and wrenches you can buy in every shop... thanks for answers!
  6. hello! At first I wasn't very interested in changing my bike(Dragstar XVS 125) at all because it runs very nice and it is in a very nice shape in every view. But you can't help it...10 kW just isn't very much . So I was thinking...is there a way how to get more power out of this bike without fear that i'll do any damage to the engine? I'm not talking about 30kW of additional power...but...if there is a not so hard way to get some power? At least to make the 5th gear a bit more cruising and lowering the RPM's. And to be a bit more confident when driving up the slopes;) thakns for any help!
  7. i tried the trick with revving while having clutch pulled and it works! i had choke halfway pulled and no problem at all! thanks very much
  8. hi to everyone! my problem is quite weird...or am i the one who is stupid. the problem is when i start my bike when it's still cold(let's say it hasn't been running one day). the bike starts normally. no unwanted sounds when running. the problem is that when i want to shift from neutral to 1st gear it dies(and also does a strange, sudden and strong move forward). then the bike dies. when i start it again..if i'm lucky it goes into 1st gear...if not...i'll have to wait a bit longer so it warms up... is this normal? i mean..i know it's good to warm up before going...but 10 minutes of warming up is a bit long isn't it ? after i manage to shift into 1st and i start driving there is no problem at all. even if i stop and turn off the bike...when i start it next it works normally...if that "next" isn't the next day thanks for any answers! i'll be really grateful for any help p.s. the bike: dragstar xvs 125 (year 2002)
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