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  1. Well, i've had the new toy for just under a week now and have had time to look it over a bit. Thought i'd share my evaluation. This will be my 1st "project" bike as all my previous bikes have been runners at purchase. I'm enjoying pulling it apart and seeing what I ended up with. The Good: 1) No rust on the bike. It may have been neglected, but it's sat somewhere dry. No fittings have been particularly hard to remove thus far. 2) I clipped my trickle charger to the bike's leads (no battery) to see what lit up and happily headlight, tail light, signals, neutral light, high and low beams, and break light switches all seem good. 3) I can move thru all 5 gears and find neutral without a problem 4) basically complete bike with very few parts being non-original or missing 5) kicking the bike over it feels like I have compression, but my compression gauge doesn't have a fitting for this bike's plug holes...so, this could be a problem. I'm an optimist though and there was resistance when kicking so i'm hoping. 6) brake pads have lots of life. 7) only 12k on the clock The Not Bad, Just Needs Work: 1) YIKES! What a smell from the tank. I've seen some varnished tanks before, but dang. Nothing but sludge in this one. The tank itself is solid, so an acid bath and coating will probably work everything out. 2) Petcocks have a little funk in them, but only on the pick up tubes and at the fuel inlets. The brass filter screens look brand new. Looks like the bike was never run with the nasty gas. 3) seat is mostly good. 1 small rip, but I can probably sew it up or get the seat recovered. 4) Forks need new seals at the very least. They're dry and I haven't pulled them apart yet. 5) Front and rear master cylinders and front caliper (haven't pulled the rear yet) were pretty funky. I can't get much fluid to flow from the master cylinder reservoir to the lines. I'll probably need to really pull them apart and hope to find the clog. I'm considering a replacement master cylinder for an easy fix up front - CBR F2 I hear works? The Bad 1) sizable dent in the tank. Not much to do to fix this one. maybe replace the rank. Maybe try to have the dent pulled? 2) a nylon washer inside the carb's slide gouged a ring into both the slides. The nylon ring does not slide smoothly up and down because of this. Shopping e-bay for a replacement set of carbs. Stick with stock? Or any other bike carbs any good? Of course it's early days yet, but I'm hopeful to have it running once I collect enough parts.
  2. Has to happen once in a while!
  3. Now here's a question related to that chart. My bike's vin number is 1J3-003744. Now, the 1J3 on that chart says it's a XS250 from 1980. But the bike's frame ID tag has the same vin and says made in 1976... ?
  4. Correct me if i'm wrong, but shouldn't you avoid full synthetic on a wet clutch bike like this? Won't it be too slick and you'll have trouble changing gears?
  5. Must be a rare bike when Motogrid doesn't list it as existing.
  6. Thanks! My biggest worry is not being able to find the parts it will either need right away or eventually. I'm sure with enough cross referencing there will be pieces out there though. I gather oil filters are tricky, but i've already seen an article that said yamaha made an adapted to use FZR filters for the XS/TX line. Though I imagine that adapter might be tricky to find too. I also read that a filter from a v6 hyundai of some type fits. Anyone know? Bike only has 12k miles on it so I think the initial plan if the compression test goes well (150 psi is the the goal?) is to just do a basic tune up - points, condenser, oil, filters, plugs, clean the carbs...etc and see what happens. Delivery should be Saturday afternoon! My other worry is the "fix it" bug. I'm already tempted by going back to spoke wheels and chrome fenders....
  7. Hello. I just got the opportunity to pick up a 1979 TX 500 (XS since it's from 79?) for a song and couldn't resist. Cost me 50 bucks and an RC plane - which I figure isn't too bad of a deal for me. It's not running now, but what can you expect for that price? Being delivered to me Saturday afternoon when I'll really be able to see what i'm getting in to. Some photos from the seller for your viewing pleasure: I've never had bad luck with a Yamaha so i'm hopeful all will be well. Currently in the garage is a 1994 FZR 1000. Yamaha wise i've gone through a handful of FZRs (2 600s and on my second 1000) and a 1972 R5B. I'm sure i'll have some questions for you XS/TX guys out there at some point, but just wanted to say hello to my fellow Yammy lovers.
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