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  1. Hi , no nothing wrong with sv's i just fancied a fast car, then got bored of it lol now want a bike again
  2. Hello again, Some may remember me and that ages ago i had a MT03 as my first proper bike at 17 well 3 years on and im now 20 and have been bike less for 7 months and having serious withdrawal symptoms after selling my Su*uki sv650 street fighter and buying a gas guzzling car (for sale if any one's interested in an abarth) . so after getting qualified as a Motorsport tech and then getting a job as a damper tech for no other than Ohlins (BG motorsport silverstone) i will be buying a 2007+ FZ1 once i have sold the car, and got my other car working again Just though i would drop in and say hello as more than likely i will be frequenting the forum and picking brains as i cant leave things alone for 5 min lol and just for the sake of it, hears my old sv now gracing the race track in the thunder bike class
  3. cheers both and dont worry OG got my self some of these to help
  4. only just seen this, and ill bite, 1) so it was my fault there was a large (disco) 4x4 slap band in the middle of the road, when i came off on the MT was it? i had two options, 1 hit brakes 2 hit said car head on as it was in the entrance to a car park straddling both lanes, i could not see the car. i took option 1 hit brakes and front washed out and i hit the deck. 2) it was last year in the bad ice, was leaving collage to go shop 20m from where i parked theres a pedestrian crossing so i stop as some one walked across, directly after there is a sharp 90o corner i pull off 5mph or less i get to the corner back slides right to the side left hand side (right hand bend) bike goes down, my fault ? 3) tight narrow road road, following car on a damp road, car trailing brakes as its down hill in to a corner im rolling under engine braking, camper van on coming, car in front hits the brakes as both car and camper have miss judged the gap (house one side concrete wall other) i dont see whats happening until i see the car suddenly slow down i hit the brakes harder and harder front locks, i slide in to the back of car i go over roof and down the side of the car, was traveling at 40mph ish in a 50 so 1) if i had not hit the bakes i would have hit car. i dont see this as been my fault or bad what i did, would have been more of a mess if i had hit the car would it not? 2) could have happened to any one 3)i think i could have stopped if it was dry but it wasn't so couldn't/didn't, i could have possibly let off and reapplied brakes but when in the actual situation shock sets in. police didn't think it was my fault nether did the camper driver weather you do or not whats happened has happened and we learn by our experience if it was or wasn't our fault ohh and to answer your other query yes i do have a 33bhp ECU and yes it is in the bike at the moment, it wasn't on the mod list because its not a mod. and back on to the original topic finished
  5. i deed i did but lane was not even narrow until this one point where there was a concreat block on one side and a house and curb on the other my dad even though that he could get through until he got very close so did the camper driver, and we were going less than the speed limit by about 10mph, and i was within safe distance but my delayed reaction because the brake were already on because he was already braking made matters worce im not making excuses, but thats what we can peace to geather from what happend, i blacked out and dont remeber going over the bars just falling down the side of the car but it was obvious that i went over the bars
  6. yup your missing a big part of the story lmao, it was my dads car that i hit,we were going down a hill and he was draging his brakes i was costing he slamed the brakes on and skided to a dead stop because of a oncomming camper and a narrow road in devon, so i wrenched on the brakes locked up cut the bike out slid a few Metres then the front griped fliped over the front of the bike and hit the roof of the car and the bike carried on into the car, so was nothing i could do and nothing my dad could do so was just one of those things, the police just asked who was at fault and we sead no one and because we are family and we agreed that no one was to blame thats it as far as the police were concerned .
  7. Hi well i crashed the sv in the back of a car ooops not my fault but ohh well any way the forks and most of the front end was smashed so this is where im at, all panels on (need new seat cowl the other one was smashed) My make shift head bearing tool, lol old race cut so i can hammer the new tapered race in the cutting of the old race took ages must be hardened steal new race pressed in new bearings in tided the mess of cables up at the front, moved to behind the head stock, had to cut the air box snorkel to make sure it could breath enough with the cables there New (to me) can, stubbied ART but has been sealed as it was leaking erm well the front end is off a 2000 aprilia RSV mille the brembo callipers for the new front end, they were in a right state cleaned and mounted up on the forks (also cleaned and polished up) Rotors, these are pretty hefty and very thick compared to the stock ones on my bike the forks have a custom axle made to centre a triumph t599 wheel that i have, the problem is the calipers are to far in so i need to get 2mm machined off of the caliper body but my dads work can do that, also waiting for the yokes to arrive as i have had the sv stem pressed in to the RSV yoke, then i need to get brake lines and a trail tech vapor speedo so thats what i need to order next so thats where i am with the sv at this moment in time
  8. Cheers , still not quite where i want it but getting there and its been hard trying to keep track of all these forums lol, im part of about 6 or 7 forums
  9. well been a while since i posted an update to this well a fair bit has changed on the bike, mostly because of a crash i had in December in the ice came off going about 5mph as the back spun and caught the front up cost £300+ worth of damage EG bars,pegs,brake levers (all of them), rear sets, almost lost the radiator and £100 recovery fee :| its been back up and running for a fair while now and have been turning it into the machine i want it to be so mods are as followed renthal street fighter bars renthal bar ends R&G crash bungs gsxr 1000 k3 rear shock 30mm jack up plates (dog bones) renegade high level can (race only version) ermax under tray with integrated indicators smoked rear light mini indicators dominator head lights easter beaver head light wiring loom velocity stacks 30mm/70mm 16mm tank risers cobra braided race lines seat cowl polished rear wheel titanium brake pad pins GB moto rear sets lowered clocks (now with modded bracket not in pic) Beowulf radiator grills carbon fiber front mud guard stomp tank grips carbon tax disk holder K-tech linear fork springs .9kg with 10w fork oil sprayed rear pillion pegs HH sintered pads all round KOSO mirrors tasty nuts front rez cap the bike now sits a lot higher at the back and drops in to corners way faster than it used to, the gsxr 1000 shock is very good for the huge sum of £50 lol, and the fork spring as almost double the spring rate of the standard one's and the fork oil is twice as heavy looking at the viscosity chart we on the sv650.org found, also produces a bit more HP that a standard (70ish bhp) sv at about 73bhp and about +5bhp through the mid range with the unrestricted ecu in, mainly down the the raised tank (cold air instead of hot air to the air box) and the velocity stacks the exhaust ads a bit of hp but not much (maybe +1bhp all over) and other things my MT looked better but the mt-03 just cant compete with the sv for flexibility and sheer fun (sv really does push you to be better) although as standard the sv is defiantly a bit of a turd, slow to turn in, pegs are to low on both the sport and naked modles, the brakes are under powered and the suspension is diabolical it sprung for some 6 stone 5ft Japanese man not a 6ft over weight British lad but the bike is cheep so all in all i cant complain as with all the extras the bike still cost less than the MT-03 did Ohh and might be buying a second sv this week crash damaged for £500 its a fared version this time though, need about £500 worth of repairs then will sell for about £1500 £500 profit i could bump the price to about £1700 but not worth it and the £500 made will go towards my next bike (gsxr 750 or a 2004 r1 i want to fighter both)
  10. haha yup just need to get the place now just hope i still have the bike by that time .... selling up after the summer as im getting somthing more versatile for the winter as a bike is usless in the snow
  11. yeh it does, and mehh the sv's ok without the restricter (ECU) done a track day with the full power in and even thogh the bikes more than twice the power felt fine my MT-03 befor was not restricted (naughty i know...) but it produced 45bhp and only did 105mph (sv does 115 at 33bhp lol) but seriously dont bother staying on the cbt just get ure full license and enjoy ohh and my insurance aint to bad at £500 a year tptf legal and personal injury cover with 1years ncb
  12. not true im 17 and have a sv650 and have had a mt-03 660cc just take you full test and they "restrict" you to 33bhp (still good for over a tone and pull to 60mph faster than most cars) i have 1 year to go and my restriction is off PS the restriction is stupid as a r6 restricted is still faster than my sv650 unrestricted ......
  13. cheers and its a interview for tresham collage of motorsport, its a 1 year corce that leads on to a 1 year aprentiship skeem then another 1 year after that, both aprentiships are in actual race teams, and participate in classes like the ginetta cup , also go into to and have been offerd a place in level 3 motor sport at the trident center i wawickshire apparently me doing IT for the last 2 years (collage) (IT pratisiners) will help a lot, as we have to do CAD drawings of car parts, so all in all it should be a good year also hoping to take the SV for a spin around siverstone if i get the chance and can aford it (befor i sell it and ger a yfz 450 or 700, havent decided yet)
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